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Monday, January 20, 2014

Two Majestic Bonsai Trees Banyan and Tamarind Shared by Our Reader Sudhir Saha

20 Years Old Banyan Tree Bonsai
Tamarind Tree 10 Years old Bonsai
Two majestic aged bonsai trees, Mr Sudhir has shared original photographs with the query about tips and suggestions to get healthy fruits on these beautiful bonsai trees.
Thank you .
Its great that you have love for bonsai trees as this is a specialized plant field. Thank you for the photographs, to be shared on Garden Care Simplified, and hoping we get some genuine tips from plant lovers and our readers.
Two great bonsai trees, banyan is the one that helps gain respect and long life and tamarind gives fruit. I have no personal experience with these but can guide you in basic suggestions.
In Bonsai we have to focus on the top more and allow the roots / soil to be minimized in small containers. Just enough leaves to help the tree make food.
The trees must be kept in partial shaded areas and not allow the surface to be too dry. I guess water has to added only when the surface gets dry. If you have kept it outside then the trees may require more care as from birds and sunlight.
Regular trimming of small areas from branches from time to time assures fruits. The fruits on bonsai are of the same size as we get on large trees hence the heavy fruit branches need to be supported by wires and tied securely to hold the heavy fruit laden branches with the bonsai tree trunk.
Fertilizers in small quantities dissolved in water for healthy growth and nourishment of soil.
Hope this helps.
I am sure you can get some important tips from the nursery you bought these plants, do share how your trees progress.
Take Care and All the Best!

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