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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wild Plant with Liliac Blue Flowers

Purple Flowers in the Wild

Liliac Flowers on Wild Plant
This plant has been growing in the pot on its own and even on removing it and placing it on the ground it has immediately taken root. The plant looks very beautiful with thick leaves and liliac purple blue flowers on it.
This is a wild plant that had taken root and since the flowers looked attractive it was with us for some time.
I think this is a poisonous plant and as this looks different with grey green leaves and thick veins can be seen on close observation of the leaf. Though it may have some medicinal use planting this in the garden was not with my choice.
The plant as we see requires very little care and can grow by itself. The stem is of grey colour or a pale green and the leaves are oval in shape. The flowers are light purple and almost blue purple in buds. The plant grows as tall stem and leaves come in alternate growth.  The stem has juices that are sticky and when you cut a stem of pluck a leaf or flower you can see the fluid oozing out of the plant. Avoid direct handling of this plant. If you have this plant growing in your garden do find out about the elements of this plant and its qualities. Kindly avoid any such poisonous plants in your garden if you have pets and small children around.

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