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Monday, December 26, 2011

How to protect your plants from environment dust and grime

Having and open garden is an enriching experience. It feels as if you are under the open sky and you can feel being the part of this whole universe. But having the open garden means dust and grime. Not only does your garden produce waste in form of dead plants, leaves and dead flowers and fruits but the environment also is not static. Especially nowadays with lots of construction work going on everywhere there is lots of dust accumulation on all the plants. Special care is needed to maintain your plants and flowers as this layer of dust, cement and other chemicals can cause harm to your precious garden plants.
Adenium Good Luck Flowering Plant
Tips for maintaining plants and care from dust- Daily care is required especially during winters. As the climate has less humidity and everything is going dry your plants need special care to maintain their moisture levels. One of the secrets why my garden looks green- I take special care of keeping the leaves clean and free from dust and grime. Otherwise however beautiful your plants are and your garden is the first look of dust accumulation will give an impression of an unkempt and dirty garden.
Plants make food through their leaves and hence it is important to keep the leaves clean. How do you keep the leaves clean, not possible by hand as this will become tedious to keep cleaning every leaf single handedly. I use a small sprinkler which is used in the 'evenings or early mornings only' I repeat only as this time the sun is at lowest heat temperature and there will be minimum disturbance to your plant. If you clean your leaves when the sun has come up or during afternoon your leaves will burn and you will immediately have burnt and dried brown leves on most of your plants. Even during watering of your garden plants do take care to avoid watering them during afternoon and early evenings. The best time is when the temperature is not very hot and also never water during nights when the plants rest.
If your plant is delicate you will have to clean each leaf with soft muslin cloth to remove the grime and dust coating the leaf. This is quiet tedious and I use the sprinkler and you can also use your finger to control the flow of water and sprinkle very lightly to avoid damage to your plant. Remember that if you spray water with force on a delicate plant the whole plant may uproot and also you may even end up killing your plant.
In case of indoor plants the same care is required to keep them looking fresh and green. If there is slime or chemical coating on your plants then rub them with soft cloth and then use water sprinkler. Sometimes people also use mild coating of oil over few leaves to protect the damage and then wipe off the excess to give he plant an instant healthy and glossy look, especially for plants like rubber,  but I do not know how this will work as you may get instant shine over your leaves but this will again attract more grime.
Using a mild detergent in very less quantities may also give an instant shine to your plants but try to select an eco friendly liquid cleaner which is not harsh on the plants. This will keep your plants clean and also maintain their healthy fresh look. There are also some liquids available that will not allow dust to accumulate on your house and garden plants. This will not only give instant shine to your leaves, they will also protect form excess dust accumulation and also act as insect repellent.
Personally I feel daily care is required to maintain plants and keep them clean from dust and grime from the environment. Coating of dust and harmful chemicals may give you weak plants with stunted growth and may also lead to leaf drop as there is not enough moisture to maintain the health of the leaves.
Just like we need a bath so do our garden plants! As you water them daily and you feed them regularly , do give them regular baths also!

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