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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Champa Flower Plant in Container/ Frangipani Flower Plant

Champa Flower Plant
I have added two new members to our family and here they have been planted in big containers for them to bloom and grow happily. The red champa and the yellow - white shaded champa are two new additions. Since I already have the yellow champa plant growing in a big bucket these two plants were also among the wish list for their showy and fragrant flowers.
My childhood memories go long back and I remember the fragrance of the yellow-white champa flower. We had this big champa tree in our compound which would be laden with flowers. Each single flower was a beauty in itself. With its fragrance famous world wide this frangipani plant was sure to find a place in my terrace garden.

The red champa flowering plant has also been planted and at present I do not know how many years will go by before I see the blooms, or how the plant will progress, anyway I do wish I get to see the flowers soon.
The champa plant has big leaves and its stem is quiet fleshy and thick. This plant stores water in its stem and on cutting the stem or plucking the flower you can see a white liquid ozze out of the plant.
I feel this plant can do away with few waterings as the stem is very thick and has stored water. Each leaf comes from the sides of the stem along with the new tip emerging with fresh lime green leaves. The leaves of the champa plant are dark green and new ones are lighter in colour.
Regular feeding will be required since this champa plant is growing in container. But I have not added anything since planting this new plant as I always avoid feeding the new plants with any fertiliser in the beginning till the new plant gets adjusted to our new container and climate of the surroundings.
The flowers of the champa plant are very fragrant and we can see them in different colours. The most famous flowers come in white with tiny shading of yellow in the center of the flower. There are the red flowers and the pink ones along with orange coloured champa flowers. Hybrid flowers also come in various shades of these basic colours. We have the red, yellow and the white champa flowering plants and as soon as I get any blooms you sure will see!

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