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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ornamental Plant with Pointed Leaves

plant with pointed leaves
I do not know the name of this ornamental plant but it looks very attractive as a centre piece in any garden. The pointed leaves of this plant need to be taken care of as this has to be planted away from eye and body level. Sharp leaves may not be considered good in feng shui as this is considered as poison arrows but this plant looks very tall and attractive. In feng shui such plants with spikes, thorns and pointed leaves are not allowed in the house but can be grown in the garden and outside the house for protection form negative energies and evil eye.This plant can be grown in big gardens and corners as in centre pieces where there is less traffic and activity from public.
Pointed sharp leaves grow on the main stem and surround the plant in circular pattern. This ornamental plant does not require much care and can do away with few waterings. You can also grow this plant as a centre for any rock garden as this plant can grow in hard soil and also does not require much sunlight for full day.
The plant can be grown from small new shoots that come from the side of the mother plant. Care has to be taken while handling this plant as the leaves are quiet sharp and tough cutters are required to trim the plant. And always use tough gloves while planting and handling these plants.

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