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Friday, December 16, 2011

Plant Designing and Designer Patterns in Plants

Plant Design
Planting new plants and maintaining them is just one field of gardening. Trimming and clipping and cutting plants according to designer patterns is one of the latest and upcoming fields in gardening. When we see a plant that is growing naturally and wild it does not look so attractive as when it is trimmed in an attractive and appealing shape. We often see hardens having cut designs of animals, birds and huge dinosaurs and this not only looks attractive but also gives a new dimension to the same plant.
Designing plants is one of the important parts of garden landscape designing. In garden designing we plant a group of similar size or coloured plants for an impression. In plant designing we trim and clip plants according to out theme of the garden and here we have  a themed garden with the same plants, jut the look is different.
Plants like different ferns, garden grass used as dividers, cypress plants, and also many large trees can be clipped and given a direction according to the desired shape. This field has been going on for many years and the only setback of this designer plants is that they require regular care and trimmings. As the plants grow they may lose their shape and for this you require to trim them regularly to maintain their desired shape.
Deciding upon plant designs is totally up to you and your garden theme. If you wish to have a children’s garden you can select wild animals, birds and fairy tale characters to trim your border plants and make this a fantasy island garden. If your theme is of ancient heritage you can have antique lamps and heritage objects and have the plants trimmed in shapes of swings lamps posts, water fountains  and so on.  Incorporating real objects with your designer cut plants will make your garden design complete and remember your theme of the garden must match with your plant designs and they must not look out of the place otherwise all your effort will go waste and these cut plants will look like a sore thumb in your beautiful garden.
If you are confused in the beginning go in for simple shapes like squares and round balls as these will be easy for regular maintenance and then as you master the skill you can go in for complicated shapes with small corners and shaper designs. Think simple shapes with less corners as a start and then proceed with fairies, angels and other fancy shapes things as birds and dinosaurs will require fine skills especially to get the face, mouth and eyes right!

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