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Monday, December 26, 2011

Fast Growing White Flowering Bush

White Flowering Bush
 Keeping aside fragrant flowers we also have some flowering bushes that require very less care and grow into full blooms. The white flowering bush has flowers all year round but the fragrance is bitter.
White Flowers Parijat
This plant which has white coloured flowers which look almost similar to chameli and mogra fragrant flowers is in fact a similar version without the fragrance. This plant can be grown as a full fledged flowering tree or also trimmed and grown as borders to your garden. In any landscape where you need flowers all year round and can do away without the fragrance you can  grow this plant. The fragrance though similar to the periwinkle or vinca rose flower is also beneficial to health. It is also believed to ward of evil by planting bitter smelling plants in vastu and feng shui. This is a fast growing flowering bush and can grow within few months in a full bush.
The leaves of this plant are of grey green colour and look like painted leaves instead of real leaves. The plant on first glance looks like an artificial plant having tough leaves that are of dull sap green and grey colour. Growing this plant in a pot will require same amount of fertilizer as any flowering plant but if you grow in soil the plant can show excellent beauty and fuller growth as garden border and garden fence. Very good to use as dividers in garden and also for privacy as this plant grows in a much fuller and bushier growth when trimmed with care. You can also design this plant according to the space available in your garden and you can have a flowering bush in any shape of your choice.
Care of the white flowering bush- As the water requirements are just like any other flowering plant care has to be taken to protect this plant from white aphids and ants. Ant’s especially red ones do come and accumulate during summers and can destroy the whole plant. I have tried putting ant powder in the soil as covering and this has worked in the early attacking stage. When the ants go out of control the whole soil will become porous and the plant will suffer from less water and dehydration as the water will drain away very quickly from the soil without nourishing the plant.

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