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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Peach Coloured Canna Flower

Peach Coloured Canna Flower
One of the most beautiful and large flowers come on the canna plant. This plant being grown from tubers grows fast and blooms from each single stem. Each plant produces large dark green leaves which are elongated and grow from a single stem in spiral form.
This canna plants are availble in many colours and the flowers do give a good show when in full bloom. This plant can be grown as borders or in single pots. Usually societies also grow this plant as a major highlight and focus point in the garden design. The flowers look very attractive and open one by one from the stem and because of this the flowers go on for a long time till all the flower buds on the stem have opened and bloomed. each flower dries after opening and then the other flower opens or sometimes they may open in bunches and since the flowers are large in size it makes a good colour statement in your garden.
The plant grows best in small pots as other wise the leaves and foliage keep growing thick which is not good for the flowering of the plant as it loses all energy in maintaining the growth of the plant.
Some fertiliser is good for producing good flowers on this plant. This grows best in indirect sunlight or few hours of morning or evening sunlight. The canna plant is avilable in many coloured flowers with the most common and beautiful colors being red, yellow, orange, peach, white and of course the many shaded varieties that have been produced by hybrid of the original plants.


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