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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Under the Open Sky at Night - View From Terrace Garden

The breath taking view! no not any other place but from your own terrace. One of the most important advantages of an open terrace garden is that you can enjoy the open fresh air and if you have a garden with fragrant flowering plants that it is like an icing on the cake!
Having spent so many years toiling, not really toiling but enjoying the hard work and effort put up in gardening it sure is important that you and your family take some time out and enjoy the fruits of your labour. If you are working and the rest of family also very busy you will not get to enjoy the beauty of your garden. Take some time aside on week ends or maybe early mornings and nights after dinner, sit and relax, feel the fresh air and take a look at the vast sky, you will feel magic in the air. Especially during hot summers the nights are cooler and a clear star lit sky is one of the wonders and this makes you feel connected with the universe.Plant some fragrant flowering plants in your garden and enjoy the cool fragrant breeze in the hot summers especially the tube roses and chameli and mogra flowers.
My personal favourite star comes up and I think this is the evening star. The evening star and the planet cereus, closest to earth,  I believe can be seen clearly with the naked eye. Sitting under the sky I have been lucky to watch falling star, believe me it is magical fantasy or real but the whole experience is out of this world! wonder if it is true that your wish gets fulfilled by watching a falling star, must remember the next time I view another star falling from the sky.
For having the night view your terrace garden you must have a good and comfortable seating arrangement. Have a few chairs of wroght iron that is tough or cane or even an rocking chair if you like it, personally I do not like rocking chairs or swings. You can also have a patio made of stone that requries minimum maintenance. Set up a small coffee table for tea or small snack times away from the plants. You do not want the ants coming up and joining you for your meal, though I feel very happy when you are eating and the birds come along for joining as guests from heaven.
Parakeet playing on Climber Plant
The regulars are pigeons, mynas, sparrows, dotted sparrows, and the crow who are regulars near the bird bath. Few parrots are also seen flying over our garden I wish they also join us as did our pet parakeet come from nowhere , it has been more than a year  , she flies whole day comes for feeds and used to come for sleeping but since the past month she had been caught twice and she still has the fear of entering houses.The beautiful egrets white and black also live near by and the majestic eagles and hawks are always seen searching for a prey. The humming bird and the attractive king fisher birds are also seen sometimes. If you love birds you can also have a bird house in your terrace garden and it is a new experience to see their family and babies come up. Recently the myna family had babies and it was a sure treat to watch the parents feed each child even after they looked grown up! Nature at its best is during the rains so you can have a small sheltered roof above your terrace garden to enjoy the beauty in rains.The dark sky at night in the rainy season, the thundering and lightening and of course the splitter splatter of the rains is great experience from your terrace garden. You also get to see the rainbow during the afternoon or evening just after a down pour usually in the cloudy sky with a sparkle of sunlight light.
You can have dinners in the cool night on open terrace garden and the same food will look more attarctive and appealing.  Have adequate lighting arrangements if you plan to have outdoor dinners as with the plants and flowers come the insects and flies with no leaving behind the famous mosquitoes! Keep your garden neat and trimmed well and an important rule for terrace gardening is to keep all plants away from your terrace door.
Magical - Painting by Rizwana Mundewadi

The sky is magical and it also leads to some inspiration , me being an artist it has always given me more than I can paint!
You will find that a open terrace garden caters to all your senses and is always inviting and appealing. The garden has becomes a highlight of the house and every guest is attracted to take the breathtaking view. Though it looks like fantasy it sure requires hard work and perseverance to maintain your terrace garden at its best.
The nights from the open terrace garden have another very important guests and that is the flights that take off or are landing and sometimes due to delayed signal going in circles in the sky, helicopters and private jets are also seen sharing the beauty of nature with the birds that rule the sky. The king fisher airlines have beautiful air planes that are visible even from far off the sky. You also see traffic in the sky and sometimes two planes merging together, they are at different heights, but look as if intersecting each other, and you skip a heart beat.
The beauty and silence of nature is most alluring and the nights in quiet sure leave you relaxed for the night and the fresh new day with sunrise and a few moments of quiet in your terrace garden leave you with energy and enthusiasm to face your day!

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