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Friday, October 28, 2011

Garden Fences for Attractive Garden Design and Protection

Garden fences have been used in many gardens for protection from animals and also to keep some privacy from outside people. Fences are made of different materials and you can select any material depending upon your garden design requirements and budget for garden fence. For front door entrance gardens it is advisable to keep the garden fencing low so as to keep the view towards the entrance free from any blocks. A small garden fence made of bricks or wire mesh can be used for the front house garden to keep the plants organised and also avoid soil from spilling everywhere during watering. A garden fence is very important not only for protection and privacy from neighbors but also an very important part of your garden design. How a garden fence is utilised will affect the overall appearance and presentation of your garden. 
Garden Fence and Plant Fence
 Sometimes plants also need fencing to protect them from birds and animals. This is one of the many reasons and an important one for my losing many beautiful attractive flowering plants. Many petunias have been sacrificed because the pigeons had their nesting time and this was easy target. Even the pink Chinese roses that look so very beautiful in full bloom especially during summers have been all plucked and they did not survive. This gave me the idea of plant fencing to protect them from birds and a very cheap fence would be to use milk or cooked food covers made of plastic or metal mesh to cover the plants. But I still am not in favor as we also block the view of the beautiful Chinese rose plant. How will the petunias grow to their full capacity when they  are being plucked every now and then!
Garden Gate Design
A very cheap cover for plant fencing is to use mosquito nets or small baby nets used over their tiny cradles as they are cheap and they will give the round surface area for your plant to grow.
Garden entrance is another very important part of any garden design. I clicked this entrance photo in a big garden in Ooty. This looks very attractive but after lots of thought I did not approve of any garden entrance design as our terrace garden is attached to our home and we all know that with plants come all sorts of creatures which I do not like especially LIZARDS! So the entrance is made of attractive   laminated designer door. You can select wood, metal, acrylic or any other material for your garden entrance door. Even stone can be used as garden fence as this is very tough, long lasting and maintenance free.
Think about the maintenance costs of your garden fence before selecting one for your garden design. Your climatic conditions and your budget are the most important criteria for selection of a good garden fence. If the climate in your area is humid or if you have sea near your house just like ours the metal fence will rust soon and you will require regular maintenance for painting the garden fence often. Stone garden fence would be very good in such areas as stone is not affected by harsh climate and direct sunlight.
If you have a garden in front of your ground floor flat then it is advisable to make a stone or brick fence that is low in height to keep the beautiful and attractive garden view open. If your purpose is to have privacy in your backyard garden then you can cover it with metal wire garden fence which can be covered with fast growing vines and climbers.
With metal grill as garden fence for now I have been pondering over  the thought of covering the sides of our terrace garden with wire metal fence and covering  them with attractive flowering climbers and creepers.  With so a big booty of seeds this year this thought is worth considering. Morning glory, blue flowering climber, Clementine vine, passion fruit climber, fragrant rose climber, chameli and juhi flowering climber are some of the flowering climbers and creepers that can be planted to cover your garden fence. Only foliage green climbers and creepers can also be used to fill up the garden fence like money plant climber , elephant ear plant climber, heart shaped leaf climber and many others that can be planted in groups to cover your garden fence and get an attractive and inviting garden fence.


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  2. Hi Dianne, Thanks for the comment.
    Yes roofs are also play an important part in your home design and appearance, and that too are available in so much variety of materials and colours.

  3. Thank you for this wonderful post. These tips are really of great use especially that decks really need special maintenance process to keep it at its best state. A vibrant and well-cared for deck will not only add more appeal to the overall exterior design but will also increase the value of a home especially when selling time arrives. Thank you for sharing this post.

  4. Roofing contractors, thanks for the comment.Yes the decks of course are important, is there a yearly maintenance contract for keeping the decks in good condition?.

  5. The great thing about vinyl fencing is that it is aesthetically pleasing and very durable. Vinyl fencing can withstand strong winds and storms; it is very easy to clean and is low maintenance, and most importantly, it is built to last for years to come.

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    All the Best!


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