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Monday, October 10, 2011

View From Terrace Garden before Sunrise

Zinnia Flower Touching the Sky
 The early morning view from the terrace is another magical experience. Just after our morning prayers the sun has still not come up and this time is the best time of the new beginning. Lots of hope and expectations with the coming day as a present from God. Every time I see a star that comes first during late evenings and goes away after every other star in the early morning, it feels is trying to connect. Looking at the different formations of stars during night view from our terrace garden having a peek at the sky at dawn is another very surreal experience. The quiet and stillness of the sky and surroundings when the rest of the world is asleep the dawn with the welcoming light and each star dissappearing as the sunlight increases gradually, now you see it and now it is gone, the stars as we know are there but are not visible due to the powerful light of the sun.
New Calla Lily Leaves
 The new calla lily bulbs have sprouted in shiny glazed green leaves. The colours of these calla lily flowers will onyl be known when they actually bloom. This is why I sometimes prefer ready plants that have blooms as with the bulbs you are always unsure what will come up and also whehter it will come up or not!
Zinnia flower
Fresh Pink Roses

 Clementine Vine with Red Flower
The new clementine vine is the first to start opening its blooms during early morning and when the sun rises the red trumpet shaped flowers on the vine are fully open. The fragrant flowers stop and begin state of dormancy for the day and you can only smell them if you go really close, unlike in the evenings and night when they are at their best!
Birds are early risers and you see how they warm up, groom themselves, yes they clean and brush their feathers every mornings and even during the day to keep themselves spik and span. As each star disappears the plants start unfurling and many plants like the gulmohar tree which has its leaves closed during nights open up as if welcoming the great morning and a promising new day.
The eagles rule the sky along with other birds like the egrets, pigeons, sparrows and mynas. Kingfischer and the other different varieties of birds are free and start the day a new. The daily tussle for survival and search for food begins, not for the birds surrounding our terrace, my husband often jokes that these birds will become obese and lazy! With parrots flying and chirping of the birds I begin the day that is a present from God!
Your Terrace Garden can be a special place for relaxing and mediating and you can make a sound garden, rock garden, water garden, or any theme garden as your space permits, even a small terrace can be sufficient or if you have a larger garden well and good.

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