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Saturday, May 2, 2015

How My Gulmohar Flame of the Forest Tree Bloomed! Step by Step photos of blooming of Gulmohar and Practical Tips in container

Tiny buds on Gulmohar in container by Rizwana
 First blooms came after five years, new year it skipped giving any blooms, seventh year a few little blooms and this year awesum fully loaded with vibrant vermillon unique blooms! Growing Gulmohar tree in a container and that too on a terrace, everyone would say its not possible! give it away! but my love for the Gulmohar, a spiritual connection already began fifteen years back when A Gulmohar tree was cut in our society compound and when I went among the cut pieces of woods saw beautiful pieces of Gods creation, each branch ,each shape calling my creative inner soul.
So I just collected lots of natural forms, hand painted them into beautiful decorative pieces, no I did not sell any, this thought never came upon me at that time. A few still remain with me especially the one in our living room, has immense happiness!
So the tree is like family, and this year it became so quiet during winters and I just cut off most branches assuming it has left us...but it surprised me with so many blooms, its an awesum view from above as our terrace  garden corner is glowing with red energy!
Clicking was a difficult one, imagine clicking from a tree close up pictures of flower. Had to climb a large stool and with the balancing act and praying my back remains happy after all this.. captured these awesum bloom photographs.

The first buds of this season on Gulmohar in container  by Rizwana 
 Keeping a watch on blooms and clicking it every day was so exciting as each day some progress was seen. The buds when just about to open are the bestest moments of happiness!It takes nearly a month for all this to happen, but once in bloom the flame of the forest, Gulmohar is worth the wait, its an awesum show!
Happiness in bloom Gulmohar new buds by Rizwana

Gradual opening of buds on Gulmohar

Just about to open , Buds of  Gulmohar by Rizwana

Awesum Happiness Unlimited! Gulmohar flowers in Vermillon Red Vibrant by Rizwana

Gods Creation in its Best Gulmohar Flowers in Bloom by Rizwana

Unique flowers in Red by Rizwana

Close up of Gulmohar Flower by Rizwana

Vibrant Red Flame of the Forest by Rizwana

Red flowers on Gulmohar in container

Vibrant Flame of the Forest in Container on our Terrace by Rizwana

Gods Blessings Red Flowers of Gulmohar
Beautiful Gulmohar Flowers growing in Container by Rizwana
Growing Gulmohar Flame of the Forest in Container Practical Tips-
1) Select a large container
2) Be prepared for the years before seeing any blooms, as the plant grows profusely in beginning years.
3) Trim to keep a check on growth.
4) I did not add any fertilizer but guess you can add for nutrition. Cowdung is best.
5) Allow branches to grow thick and trim lanky stems.
6) Keeping a check on its growth and size will allow the plant to divert energy for blooming.
Enjoy the happiness, a respite from the hot summers spreading joy and happiness, welcoming birds,  trust me its really worth it!
Dont forget to keep containers of water for our heavenly friends!

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