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Monday, November 7, 2011

Ixora Flowering Bush

Ixora Bush Red Flowers
A great plant to grow in the sun but requires partial shade for keeping the blooms fresh longer. This Ixora red flowering plant is grown as a bush. The plant can be trimmed according to your desired space available and grows into new shoots from the cut sides. Ixora bush is available in many colours and shades ranging from light pink to peach and deep red or maroon. White flowers also look good in bunches. The Ixora bush does not require any special care and except for watering my plant is giving regular blooms and the plant is always laden with flowers in red bunches.

Close up of Ixora Flower Buds.
Tips and Care for Growing Ixora Plant- Ixora plant requires sunlight for flowering but all in measured doses, that is it will grow healthy in partial shade and few hours of direct sunlight. If exposed to direct sunlight for full day the plant leaves burn and dry and the flowers also will have burnt edges. So if you want to enjoy the colourful bunches of Ixora flowers for long then plant this bush in a partially shaded area where it can get few hours of direct sunlight, either morning or evening.
Cutting and trimming is another aspect which needs attention. Do not cut the plant so much that it looks barren. Always trim edges of stems from side shoots and let the plant develop new shoots. Also avoid trimming the plant during winters as the plant is already facing a dry season and may not be able to grow new shoots faster. Best time for trimming the Ixora plant is before the rains sot that the climate is comparatively cooler and the sunlight is also not so harsh. The pant will begin new shoots immediately within few days int he rainy season and develop into a healthy fresh plant.
The new shoots and leaves on the Ixora plant look very cute as they are fresh green in colour as compared to the older leaves that are dark green. The flowers are showy and beautiful and this Ixora plant is a must for every garden for the show of flowers. All colour flowers look attractive as they are very small flowers growing in bunches.


  1. I have an ixora pavetta (i.e. white ixora) shrub in a flowerpot that is about three feet high. I had purchased it from the nursery about three weeks back. No doubt, the plant has put forward new buds. But. the new buds have burnt edges and some of them seem to have been eaten by sparrows. Also, I see white powder on the new shoots sometimes. Could you please help?

  2. Hi Anonymous Ixora in white are rarely seen, and you are lucky to have this plant.
    What you are referring I think is the tiny buds are getting eaten by bugs.Maybe it also has caught the white fungus mites.
    You will have to keep this plant in full sunlight, wash it thoroughly with spray of water , give it a nice bath, remove all insect and bugs. full sunlight will help the plant to recover fast and bring out new shoots of greens.
    Hope this helps. Take Care and All the Best!


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