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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Why I don't Need the Lawn Mover and Tips for Growing Green Grass on Lawns

I do not specifically like lawns and though we have a green grass lawn in our society garden it does look fresh and green form a distance. Green lawns look very attractive in any form and are an important part of any landscape design of a garden. With being able to sit and relax on the fresh grass there is no other form of happiness for a child when they touch feet on the freshly watered grass. With many therapeutic uses of walking on fresh grass along with health benefits grass lawns have come to be well known and an important part of any landscape. People grow grass in any form either as a ground cover or as a corner base for other plants and also on side walks to make an attractive green cover for flowering plants.
I have specifically avoided adding a lawn to our terrace garden as I have learnt that in long term the base will get corroded due to continuous daily watering of the lawn and thus will lead to leakages in the flat below. Anyway lawns look good when they cover a larger area.
Lawns can have grass grown by seeds that are planted just before the rainy season and when the grass plants come out they will get the required quantity of water for flourishing and growing tall. When the first green grass grows it will be growing in an unkempt and hap hazard manner. You will see the grass growing like wild and the picture will not be that attractive. After the first growth immediately a lawn mover will be needed to trim the grass and maintain its uniform texture and this will give you an beautiful and attractive green lawn.
The lawn mover will be required every few months according to the growth rate of your lawn grass and if you use less fertilizer for your soil then the cuttings will be delayed and if you have been fertilizing your garden plants regularly than your lawn grass will also get the extra nutrients and grow like wild which will need regular and frequent trimmings to maintain the even texture of your lawn.
Problems faced with lawns and effective tips to maintain green grass on lawns- Lawns are a cover of grass and tiny plants which need care and maintenance to keep its beauty. Regular trimming using the lawn mover will keep the plants growth in check. There is also another problem faced by many gardeners having lawns is that of red ants during summer seasons. This will erode all your tiny grass plants and also make the soil very loose and after watering the grass will not be able to grow back as earlier as the roots may become weak due to ant attack. Treating the lawn grass with required antidote for red ants would save your grass.
Also if your lawn gets direct sunlight for many hours or the main after noon sunlight than your green grass may begin to turn yellow and burn as the tips of grass plants are very delicate and tiny. So you end up with yellow patches and dry patches on your green lawn.
Very important tip is how to water your lawn. Never use big hose pipes with pressure for watering on your lawns. The grass plants are tiny and you must use small nozzles and allow water to flow in the lawn slowly and evenly or use a small sprinkler to distribute water evenly on the whole lawn.
After few years your lawn may need refurbishing that is new soil added and fresh seeds also planted for getting fresh and healthy blooming green grass. This can be done by digging the old soil and removing all the grass and adding fresh soil along with new seeds and then watching the show! The first green grass looks very attractive and the leaves are of fresh lime green colour with delicate tips which on maturing develop a colour that is darker green and there is nothing like sitting on the fresh clean lawn and enjoying your garden.

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