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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

White Tiny Flowers Creeper

Very Small White Flowers in Bunch
 I do not know the name of this creeper growing in a hanging basket but it sure is a treat to the eyes. Each visit to the terrace garden gives me immense pleasure and being in the attitude of gratitude towards God the creator and care taker of all.  Plants growing in all sizes, colours, with big leaves and small leaves, with big blooms and tiny blooms which gave me a mention about this creeper growing in a hanging basket. The leaves of this trailing plant are velvety and rough having I think tiny spikes or fine hair which are clearly not visible to the naked eye.
Close up of White Tiny Flowers
The blooms are very tiny white flowers growing in bunches. The flowers look almost like small white dots when observed from a distance. At first glance I thought the plant was infected with white moulds. On closer look you get to see the wonder and creation of God by making so tiny flowers. You will almost lose the beauty of flowers if you do not give this plant a second look. Only an experienced gardener will notice the white tiny blooms which I repeat can be mistaken for fungus or mould growth.
I have not felt the fragrance of these white tiny flowers growing in bunches but they have a woody and jungle smell which made me first think that this was a wild grass growing and the poor plant was about to be shoved during weed removal but due to the coming of these tiny white flowers it was saved!
The plant looks very attractive in a hanging basket and does not require much care. This creeper grows best in partial shade and can grow well in a place which receives indirect sunlight light. Maybe this plant can grow in full sunlight also since the leaves are thick and rough on the surface, I have to try growing this plant in full sunlight so that I get the shaded space for another new delicate plant.
This is what I like of gardening, that is the changing aspect , you will never see the same plants in the same position , no chance of getting bored in my terrace garden!


  1. Thank you for sharing this in your blog. The flowers were stunning - I studied them all.
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