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Friday, December 7, 2012

Vibrant Chinese Rose Plant Growing Tips and Suggestions

Chinese Rose Plants Vibrant Pink Color Flowers
 Chinese Rose a colorful vibrant flowering plant, an easy growing plant that gives you bounty full of blooms. The plant looks very delicate with lanky stems hanging from the container but the booms are really worth growing  this Chinese rose plant. With winters the garden needs some vibrant color to bring life,and this Chinese rose plant is just the right one. The Chinese rose, as it is called , I do not know the symbolic significance of the term, but it may be miniature plant with good blooms, miniature roses, as in bonsai.
Pink color Flowers Plant Tips and Suggestions
The Chinese rose plants are available in many colors and in shaded variety also. Pink, dark pink, majenta, yellow, peach , off white and shading variety. the most tough variety is the vibrant pink colored one. The blooms only begin to open when they receive sunlight and close early evening , depending upon the sunlight received. So if the plant does not get good sunlight then the blooms will be weak and small, not healthy.
Chinese Rose growing Tips and suggestions- The Chinese Rose plant has thin lanky stems that fall over the containers and the end of the stems has tiny buds that bloom into lovely flowers. An easy way to grow this beautiful flowering plant is but cutting the stems and transplanting them aside of the original plant in container. Each stem grows into a new plant as this branches out. Select healthy stems for transplanting as thin stems dry out and do too produce roots. The Chinese rose plant is tough and even when the stems fall from the plants they live for many days if they are receiving water, this we have experience as during winters the garden friends , pigeons, pluck out these plants, and our pot had gone almost barren few days back, but the plant is back in form with new growth!.
For best results grow in open wide mouthed containers as the plant makes a great show!
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  1. your suggetion really helped ..wanted to know botanical name

    1. Bhavika thanks for the comment,
      I think so,
      portulaca grandiflora hook, moss rose, eleven o'clock, mexican rose,sun plant,
      wow surfing the net for plant names.


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