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Monday, December 31, 2012

Fresh salads and vegetables for a Healthy New Year Gift

Wishing all readers of Garden care Simplified and gardeners of the whole world a Happy gardening new year. Hope you see the fruits of your labour, new rare flowers, healthy ways to grow vegetables and full bounty of delicious fruits in your gardens!
With container gardening on our terrace and trying to grow healthy fruits in containers I have parted with many fruit trees at the end of 2012 to be grown in soil, as it is best for them, missing the delicious red cherries and the small chickoo fruits!. Hope they are happy!
A gift for a healthy new year, change your lifestyle. healthy food, green salads and fresh vegetables and fruits. Pune visit has been very informative and helpful and an new awareness on health and lifestyle.
greentokri, a venture to provide healthy foods , doing their bit for the environment , grow in healthy manner vegetables, fruits and salads, the rare exotic herbs also are available.
health foods are an important part of our life style, as we all know 'we are what we put inside' literally by that i mean food and our eating habits influence our health and life. Eating fresh and healthy foods will not only keep our health in check but also ward off many preventive diseases.  And what better way then to have them delivered at your door steps. This facility is only for Pune city people and we hope to see Mumbai also follows. yes the fruits and vegetables along with salads are grown in healthy manner and very fresh and tasty.Also provided are healthy preparations from these fruits and stored veges and pickles for people staying in foreign countries.
With so many gifting options it is one more way to show you care. You may also avail the many offers to get fresh salads and veges every week at your door step. the gift hamper can be booked and delivered at the  doorstep A gift hamper of fresh vegetables fruits, a gift tokri of good quality tasty fruits or a bouquet of salads!a very good way to gift health and happiness to friends and near and dear ones.
With this positive note beginning the new year with important resolutions, one of them being eat healthy!
Thank You!


  1. Roz Ka Khana is Home style cooking which has no hotel type gravies, no added food colors, no soda bi-carbonate and no ajinomoto. We as a company have 15 years of food production and handling experience in leading hospitals and educational institutions. This will ensure Roz Ka Khana is delivered to your location at the optimum level of nutrition. Call Us for Food Delivery +91-9923198651

  2. Thanks a lot Reena, doing a great job, Roz ka Khana! All the Best from Rizwana!


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