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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Attractive Luring Stops - by Rizwana A Mundewadi

attractive, luring, time energy consuming stops, where most of us are tempted to sit and we lose focus of our goals. In this life time and again we get expected and unexpected halts which take us away from our goals, we try hard but it seems impossible to continue, at such times faith is a strong support system. Believe in the power that exists above us, above all the energies, that which loves us , which has only our betterment.
With our pet missing I am going through such a time where however hard I try cannot focus on art. Still at the end of the day I try to remember my long term goals, try to do at least a bit towards continuing.
Art just does not mean painting, it is much more, the thoughts of works are going on, ideas, the wait,the stored energy which will finally unfold onto the blank canvas that i see daily at each time. Thoughts attachments, lead to energy drain, we do not realise how much energy we spend on thinking of unwanted things, that which we cannot do anything about, that which will heal in its own time. I know friends, pets, plants, attachments all require your time and energy, but let me indulge, let me live, each gets a gift of 24 hours, daily, how we spend it is our look out, spend time with alertness of mind, it will not come back!
If you lose focus, took that outdoor trip, am back refreshed..Take a paper write, observe nature, converse with people, view art online, blog on art, just keep going you will be back on track!
Wishing all a merry christmas and a very happy healthy healing new year ahead, where you make peace with your past and welcome a vibrant bright future.
Thank You!

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