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Friday, December 7, 2012

Mogra Plant Dried , How to Take Care of Mogra Plant in Winter

Dried Mogra Plant Winter Care
 Winter has set in and with all plants shedding leaves the garden is looking a tad dull and boring.The mogra plant almost died, so it looked with all leaves curling and dropping one by one, leaving behind a dried stub!
Hawk in the next garden
 Some excitement in the garden, the neighbors garden had an unexpected visitor, the hawk, rarely seen here,as we are used to having eagles, bats and owls! not to mention our bird friends, the crow, sparrow, mynas, pigeons, egrets, king fishers, bulbul, humming bird, and the many rare ones which I do not know names of, which reminds me our parakeet is still missing...the blood red eyes is only what I remember of the hawk, piercing eyes, grey feathers with a yellowish beak... and he sure meant business, to catch some bird!
Hawk in the Neighboring Garden
 With winters many plants are drying and shedding, a normal growth trend in their life, especially for the tough mogra plants which have been with us for many years. The afternoon sunlight in the winter season has brought about the growtt spurt and new growth is seen in the mogra plants.
Winter Growth in Mogra Plant
 A welcoming growth this is truly the symbol of hope, especially when many people think the mogra has died..
New Growth in Mogra Plant

Healthy Mogra Flowering Plant
Over few days the plant is full with fresh lime green leaves , the effect of feeding will be seen now, as I had done this before winter sets in. and hope to see some great show of fragrant flowers soon!
Fresh leaves on Mogra Plant
a simple tip for flowering in mogra plant is to add used tea leaves. the correct procedure to add tea leaves is after the tea is boiled use the remaining used tea leaves for your flowering plants. Usually tea is prepared after adding milk and this is not so very good for the plants, as I have had ants feasting on my plants! wash the tea leaves thoroughly and then spread the leaves over the soil, very good fertilizer for all flowering plants growing in sunlight or containers. The reason is the milk and tea leaves when kept for long time wet over the soil get attacked by fungus and red ants, who will destroy your plant leave aside fertilize it!
Thank You and All the Best!


  1. my mogra plant is 2yrs old and i did not get any flowers on it at all,since i purchased it It is getting new leaves but old leaves have white spots on it. no flowers. it is getting 6to 7 hrs of sun light. let me know what to do so that the plant stays healthy and get blooms.

    1. Hi Anonymous, thanks for coming by Garden Care Simplified.
      Mogra plants need trimming, and regular feeding every six months. Add used ( washed) tea leaves. Ready mixes( quite good) available in nursery as packets or cowdung if you are comfortable with it (best) will do the trick.
      Avoid over feeding.The right time of feeding is important, before summer.
      The mogra plant sometimes gets attacked by pests, observe the plant are there black or red ants, then the roots may be damaged.
      Water the plant in early morning or late evenings.
      And of course sometimes the plant may be an non blooming one, your luck!as there are some plants like I had the rose climber which never bloomed!we parted with it.
      All the Best! hope this helps.Do let me know.

  2. pls share information about but mogra

  3. Hello Siddhant, welcome to garden care Simplified. Yes sure will share more info on 'but mogra' the beautiful rose shaped mogra flowering plant soon. Take Care !

  4. hi
    i bought mogra plant 4 months back .
    it now has around 11 to 17 flower buds right now
    but those flowers keep falling right after they bloom . they r soo fragile that even a slight touch breaks them . wht could possibly be wrong . the plant recieves 4-5 hrs of sunlight everyday and looks healthy

  5. Hello Anonymous welcome to Gardening Simplified.
    Great news that your mogra plant is loaded with flowers, even our plant is in full glory , as for flowers falling off , not a good sign, the flowers need to be strong and fall off only after few days when dried and even so we have to pluck them to remove the dead mogra flowers.
    maybe the plant stem is too lanky and cannot bear the weight, after this season you may trim off some parts to encourage healthy strong growth.
    check- Plant may have clogged soil, look whether the water is draining well.
    check- Plant may have root aphids, red dot like insects attached on the stem near the roots of the mogra plant.
    Hope this helps, Thank you Take Care and All the Best!

  6. Thank you for the advice mam.
    maybe it is the stem as the plant is hardly few months old .
    Is there anything that I can do as precautionary measure like using pesticide to make sure that there arent any pests like aphids?
    also should I loosen the soil a bit around the plant to make sure the water drains well?

  7. Hello Anonymous, yes that would I think be gerat to loosen up the soil around the plant, as for pesticides, I am not too sure, as I have lost many plants when they are weak and adding something disturbs their growth more, I prefer bathing them with water shower to remove pests, and full sunlight dose, in fact I never use any pesticide! (many beautiful colored hibiscus plants died due to the strong pesticides and I have sworn never to use them!)
    Hope this helps, Take Care and all the Best!

  8. Hello,
    Thanks for the lovely tips n a gr8 blog!
    I wanted to know about trimming the mogra plant. I have mine with me for last 5yrs and this is the first time it has bloomed :)
    One of my aunt suggested to trim the plant for a better growth, but I cud never gather the courage to do it. My mogra has got 4 long stems at the ground level which are pointing to 4 different directions. Currently I have tied them loosely with a tag, but want it to look a lil structured. Pl advise.

  9. Geeta, thank you for the lovely comment!
    Welcome to Garden Care Simplified.
    Ha Ha Ha , yes this happens for the first time, even i was so scared to trim my plants and many years have gone by getting the courage, but trimming does help a lot, really.
    the lanky stems will produce small size flowers and also the plant will not grow/look healthy.
    Trim only a few inches from tips in beginning
    All the Best!

    1. Thanks for the reply Rizwana! Hope to gather some courage to make my plants a healthier one soon with you help! :)
      But the plant has long stems with most of the leaves at the tip. How can I trim it off? will it survive if I do so?
      Also pl let me know when is the best time to do the trimming?
      Keep up the good work!
      Take care!

    2. Geeta thank you for your kind encouraging words. Please don't trim the plant in summers, here you will have to only clip of the nip top of the stem, please leave leaves for the plant to make food. This also may be a creeper of mogra or chameli which we also have , the stems grow in all directions, so only option is to tie them to some support or fence, wait for the rains and see how the plant shows growth. Also add some ready fertilizer before rains to see how it works along with (try at your own risk as this works great for my plants) Add crushed egg shells(washed) and used washed tea leaves, this begins the growth spurt.
      Hope this helps, Take Care and All the Best Geeta!

    3. Thanks Rizwana. Have started adding tea leaves everyday to all my plants. Will try trimming the plant after summer (hope to gather some courage till then! ;)).
      Thanks for the advise!
      Take care :)

    4. Always welcome Geeta! All the Best!

  10. my raat raani leaves have fallen dry but the stem is still green how do I save my plant

  11. Hello Anonymous, Welcome to Garden Care Simplified.
    Stem being green indicates that the plant has roots intact and will spring back, continue watering (never skip) like before and trim just a very very small part form the tips.
    New leaves come from the whole stem sides, needs indirect sunlight at this time.
    Hope this helps.
    Take Care and All the Best!

  12. Hi,
    I got my mogra plant last year and it bloomed really nice for the whole season. In winter though, I got it inside to save from the sever cold in Washington DC area. But now, it has some black spots growing all over it. What could this be?? Some stems / leaves are still green, but some have black spots / looks like someone has hatched some eggs on the stem all over / some kinda fungal growth. Not sure what it is and it's worrying me! :-((. Need help and guidance!!

  13. Hello Anonymous welcome to Garden Care Simplified.
    The reason is temperatures drop, These black spots are either eggs of butterflies, larvae, or insects mites.
    If possible give the plant full sunlight and a thorough bath to remove all these eggs. If it is little then you can trim the leaves. .
    For few days over watering to wash off the soil also of any eggs.
    Hope this helps, mogra is a strong plant ,
    All the Best from rizwana!

    1. one more thing, if there is colder temperature, artificial yellow light( feels just like sunlight) does wonders to our plants!

  14. Hi..I planted a small mogra..its been 20 days but there is no new leaves.old leaves are still dark green

    1. Hello Anonymous usually a new palnt may take about a few weeks or month to get adjusted to the new environment. As long as the stem and leaves are erect and looking healthy, just keep watering regularly and watch!
      Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

  15. How could I ensure that my mogra is good enough.and it will grow well?please help me out

    1. Hello Anonymous there is no formula for success in growing mogra plants, of the many I have grown, I have found that the ones that have strong genes grow healthy and also give plenty of blooms. The weak ones, small planys when purchase dsoemtiems fizzle out sooner and alsod o nto give many blooms, so best to slect a ehalyhy paltn while buying.
      Now after this you can see that it gets good sunlight and fertilizer every few months and also protect from pests for the plant to give out many fragrant blooms, Hope this helps. All the Best from Rizwana!

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  17. Hi
    My mogra plant has dried up. Not a single leaf now. Even the stem look yellowish. I gently uprooted the plant to chk the roots. Very few hairy roots are visible.

    1. Aruba, sorry for this plant, if the stem is mushy, your plant has left...but if the stem if firm, try to plant it in a different pot, sometimes change of soil works. Also keep in a place with more sunlight, it might regrow new greens! All the Best from Rizwana!


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