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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Power of Pink Color of Love Feng Shui Where to Plant Pink Flowering Plants in the Garden

The pink sky , a new day after dawn, so many hopes so many expectations, a new day is a 'present' from God, how we use it is all up to us! a tiny hope , still our pet parakeet is missing, praying for her safe continues...
Pink Sky Color of Love by Rizwana Mundewadi
Alexandrine parakeet angry
Power of pink, am so much influenced by the power of the rose quartz that I am seriously feeling the power of pink, the color of love and happiness. Your garden having pink colored flowers brings peace love and happiness to the viewers. Pink has been my favorite color and selecting pink flowering plants for garden over the years we have seen pink in many shades and hues. Nature has so many different shades and hues that no two pink flowers look the same.each is different unique. 
Pink Flowers of Adenium Good Luck Plant By Rizwana
 Adenium plant , the good luck plant ,very easy to grow, has beautiful pink flowers and even in winters when the garden looks a bit barren this plant is loaded with lovely pink blooms, refreshing shade of color of love happiness, pink.

Kaner Plant Pink Flowers by Rizwana
 The Kaner, a tough plant that tolerates direct sunlight is also at its best with pink blooms against the backdrop of the blue sky.

Single Pink Zinnia flower by Rizwana Mundewadi
 Zinnias come in many colors and this beautiful pink zinnia steals the show by deep pink color flowers.
Flower of Love Pink Rose Flower by Rizwana
 Roses, fragrant , bushes, plants and climbers, we have many rose plants, pink shaded deep pink light pink and many varieties of rose bushes, the ones without thorns are the best.
Deep Pink Flower of Cardinal Climber
Shaded Pink Rose Flower by Rizwana

Pink petunia Flower Close Up by Rizwana
 Winters look best with another flowering easy growing seasonal plants petunias, yes they are the showy flowers you see in nurseries now and they grow till the rainy season. Pink, red, blue, purple, orange, yellow, white and also many shaded varieties and the blooms are quite big so petunias immediately draw your attention.
Baby Soft Pink Rose of Love by Rizwana

Ixora Pink color Flowers in Bunch
 Ixora plants are also loaded with bunches of lovely pink flowers , now in this winter season,a s they get afternoon sunlight.
Soft Pink petunias by rizwana Feng Shui South West 
Pink is symbolic of love and happiness and has been used since ages as color symbolism in paintings and home decor. A pink Garden attracts lots of love and harmony. Color pink is not only soothing to our senses but also helps us to relax and feel at ease when we observe and smell pink color flowers.
South West is the area where you must plant pink flowering plants according to feng shui principles, for best results and attract positive energy into your garden. The right placement of plants according to feng shui will attract happiness love and good luck. This helps in improving existing relationships and attracting new good ones. If you wish to attract love luck / marital luck, for the singles , planting pink flowering plants int eh south west section of the home or garden helps to improve the energy here. For married people this helps to stabilize relationships and spreads power of love in your family.
Enjoy, experience the power of pink, spread happiness and love!
Pink heart of Love
Thank you!


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  2. Thanks Reena Sirsikar for this helpful link, All the Best from Rizwana!


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