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Friday, November 30, 2012

Gold in the Garden Yellow Trumpet Tecoma Stans Mayan Gold

Gold in the Garden,
Yellow Trumpet Tecoma Stans Mayan Gold
 Golden trumpet

Gold in garden

Beautiful Cheery Yellow Blooms
 Gold in the garden, with chilly winds and winter setting in the days are warm and the nights cold, this beautiful golden yellow flowering bush is enough to make the whole atmosphere cheery and bright. Bring color into your life, golden color bright flowers are easy to grow and require very less care.
Trumpet Shaped Golden Yellow Flowers
 The blooms are in abundance and the whole garden looks like a bed of gold. I do not know the exact name of this plant but it looks lovely! Flowers everywhere, this tecoma stans mayan gold grows best in full or partial sunlight, but it requires sunlight to produce healthy blooms. The plant requires trimming and cutting regularly to keep its shape.
Single Gold Bloom
grown as borders, centre of landscape design in any garden or highlight of the garden this golden yellow blooms plant is grown best for its foliage and golden yellow blooms. Trumpet shaped flowers are big in size and gives a gold effect during sunset or sunrise in the shimming sunlight.
Care of Golden Trumpet- The plant attracts plant insects and pests and sometimes may go barren due to white aphid attack. The only way is to spray water with pressure and trim the plant as much as possible.
Trimming during early spring is best and avoid during winter and autumn as the plant is now at its best. water regularly during blooming season.
Avoid growing in very small containers if your wish to see many blooms as the plant looks best when grown big, loaded with many golden blooms. One important care required is that this plant requires trimming after the blooming session to maintain its shape and also promote flowering other wise it grows like a  wild tree and may also not give many blooms with only thick foliage of leaves. Grow this plant if you love yellow, bring gold in your home!
Thank You!

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