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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Trekking in Nature and Climbing Trip Nature Trails Tips and Guidance

Thick Jungle Foliage
 The trip nature trail in jungle wilderness a very good energy booster , just what I need every few months.A small trekking experience in jungle, the walk in complete wilderness, observing nature at its raw best! small hill, mountain climbing with few scratches here and there complete the energy level of grounding to earth's energy.
Nature Plant Arrangement 
Nature grows in silence, birds living in wilderness, a the increased volume of chirping and bird gossip as the day comes to end, bringing the hope of another happy pleasant sunrise and promise ahead.
Majestic Tree

Lake  View Boating

Attractive Pathway to Wilderness

Inviting Lake Boats 

Bamboo Plants 

Nature and Camouflage Butterfly
 I did capture many photographs of this beautifully camouflaged butterfly who was continuously flapping its wings of the whole lot of colorful butterflies in the jungle dancing joyfully in wild abandon and freedom.

Thick Jungle Trail
Few tips to consider before embarking on a nature trail trip-  keep food water and all first aid and safety essentials in a back pack keeping your hands free. Arrange for the trip from a reputed travel tourism company or be in a group always if you are visiting a wild jungle. Do not travel to extreme interiors of the jungle , unless of course your are trained for this or have a reliable guide with you. The jungle as it looks changes very much after sunset, with the same birds and animals who looked so joyful turning into some different species! Plan your time out in wild nature walk from early morning to late afternoon and be out latest by evening if you are there for enjoyment only.
Glistening Sunlight in Jungle
Be careful while clicking photographs from hills and mountains while climbing as this may turn out risky. Catch a firm foothold before clicking. Take preventive antiseptic medicines and tubes in case of accidental bites. Inform your friends or family in case you are going on the nature trail alone, they would know if you go missing and help in time.
Enjoy nature trails and jungle trips. man was born wild and amongst nature. Your true human nature requires the raw earth energy that can only come from jungles and nature trips being among plants and trees, an absolute essential today living in concrete jungle!.
Thank You and All the Best!
Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art

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