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Friday, November 23, 2012

Green Gardening Horticulture Systems-Tips for Growing Healthy Plants in Cold Countries

Green gardening solutions is the uppermost in our minds with world earth day celebrated every year around the globe the focus is  going more and more on maintaining the earth green with easy gardening solutions.
Latest gadgets , upper end i phones, notebooks and laser thin mobile phones, why does gardening lag behind, well no, even gardening has grown along with the technology. Especially in US and Canada where temperatures are dropping in minuses, wouldn't it be great to have plant grown indoors with calculated temperatures, feeding and watering systems?
Plants can be grown with latest technology gadgets and even the feedings can be done mechanically avoiding all the manual work with gardening and of course the risk of dying and dried plants. Hydroponics a latest system of watering and growing new plants as the traditional plant growing methods are having so many limitations.  so we can now get plant growing equipment and grow luscious green fresh plants, wherever we stay in any environmental conditions.
As we select an equipment for growing plants it is better to read the manual thoroughly and get a demo by the company only when you understand the gadgets well should you begin the use of latest gadgets.Few tips for selecting and using latest gadgets for gardening-
 1) Select gardening equipment suitable for your home:.No point in purchasing a large model when you have a small space for planting.Look carefully at the total size of the product and how much space it requires to be operational.
2) Climate where you stay will definitely influence the choice of the gardening equipment you require. In very cold climates you will require a warmer which can keep your plant from catching chilly cold maintaining the moisture levels. Whereas in warmer climates you may do away with this, whereas need a feeder or sprinkler to keep the root system hydrated often.
3) Plant feeders, water sprinklers and other latest gardening  equipment must be appropriate according to the plant  you are growing, for this you will need to study the manual thoroughly and understand each plant needs.
4) Finally do try to give personal time to your plants even though they are taken care of by the latest gadgets as personal love and acre is irreplaceable!
It is great to grow new babies in controlled conditions as I have not got much luck in growing from seeds or new small plants.Usually they die of over watering or drying of new roots.  The roots are taken care off well by the sprinkler systems that keep them hydrated in the beginning with calculated amounts of water to avoid clogging of soil.
No replacement to the hands digging the soil, feel of mud, direct contact with the soil, enough grounding energy, go ahead upgrade to the latest gadgets and gardening equipment for gardening but keep the basic needs of your plant in mind, true love.
All the Best!

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