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Monday, November 26, 2012

Strong Flowering Plant for Cold Snow Countries - Kaner Tips and Care

Strong Flowering Plant Kaner
Cold Snow countries are always in search of plants that can tolerate the cold and temperatures there, and as many plants go to rest in the chilly winters the Kaner boasts of heavy loaded blooms even during winter.  A very strong flowering plant, kaner has been seen since years growing in societies as always loaded with flowers. Kaner flowers come in many colors and sizes, that is the number of petals in the flower vary with different species of kaner plants.
We have two varieties of pink coloured flowering kaner plants growing happily in full sunlight. Each stem is always loaded with colorful flowers, pink, white, yellow, dark pink. The kaner flowers are five petalled flowers and the other variety looks like rose flowers, in bunches.
A typical style of flowering is the flowers of kaner always appear as tiny buds on the end of each branch of the kaner plant. The kaner plant looks like a big bouquet loaded with colorful pink flowers against the backdrop of the sky.
The advantage the kaner plant has over other plants is that its leaves are very thick and can tolerate direct sunlight. Dark green in color the leaves are strong and cannot be plucked by birds. The medicinal part is somewhat harmful as it has poisonous properties. The plant it seems is not good for birds. So they are left alone by birds and grow happily uninterrupted, unlike the Chinese rose plants which were a few days back loaded with pink blooms and now have the pot has a barren look!
Kaner plant care and tips for Cold Countries-  The lovely pink flowers on plant, grow in full sunlight. This is the best part of growing kaner and I love this kaner plants,  with this no hassles, no care strong plant. The kaner plant can  tolerate direct sunlight and gives flowers all year round. Sometimes the Kaner plant can also do away with few waterings and feedings. On the whole a very good plant for new gardeners having difficulty in taking care and growing plants. The flowering of kaner is beautiful as flowers grow in bunches and has a colorful effect on the landscape of your garden, easy growing strong plant, tough no care flowering plant
Kaner Pink Flowers Plant
I do not feed the kaner much except for daily watering and the plant is looking happy with blooms even in the strongest winter season.
This can be a good choice for winter cold snow countries as the kaner leaves tough and tolerate harsh climatic conditions. When most of the others have gone barren kaner can grow in chilly strong winds. When living in US, Canada, or any countries where there are extreme cold temperatures you may take the kaner inside and allow the flowering plant to grow in indirect artificial light. The plant is tough and give good growth even in artificial light.
As most bulbs have gone to sleep during winters this is a good choice to keep the blooms and color in your garden during winters!
All the Best!

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