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Monday, November 12, 2012

A New Bigger Home, Transplanting Ornamental Plant Boston Fern

A new bigger home, we all dream of, so also our plants need bigger homes. The winters have set in and with sunny afternoons and chilly nights our garden is looking quiet, still, browning of leaves, dropping of dried ones, no new growths, except for the few roses. I plant to add few color (read new plants) will keep posted.
The Boston fern plant has grown at its best in the rains and now sports a new look, blonde on one side!
Drying Boston fern Plant in Hanging Basket
 the pot facing the wall has dried fern plants and the remaining hanging from the front of the hanging basket are green. Boston fern one of the easiest and fastest growing indoor plant or shade loving plant grows best in indirect sunlight. Little care is required once you plant a Boston fern, it will spread very fast. This plant can be grown on window boxes, hanging baskets, and they also look good as borders for your garden landscape design.

Dried Roots of Boston Fern Plant and Bulbs of Fern

The plant as I have noticed with many other plants also has out grown its pot and hence shows no new growth. With the transplanting of Boston fern to a bigger pot, or trimming some of the plant for transplanting in the same pot we need to take few precautions.
Tips for transplanting Boston fern plant- take care to remove the plant from the sides of the pot, dig carefully trying to prevent damage to the rots. After few loosening the whole Boston fern plant jumps out of the container. The whole roots have taken over the pot, hence there is no change or new growth seen in the plant.
The Boston Fern Plant Roots
Boston Fern Plant Drying Roots
Now if you wish to transplant the Boston fern to other pots try to cut few plants, divide,  with sharp scissors, the roots and plant stems are very strong, do not try to trim with bare hands as you may cut and bruise your hands. The Boston fern will show many small potato like balls, bulbs, from which the fern plants grow.You may plant these bulbs along with few plants in different hanging baskets.
Close Up of Bulbs of Boston fern ornamental Plant
 If you wish to transplant the Boston fern in the same pot, then trim excess roots and pick out few fresh green baby plants from the whole bunch.
Try to hang in area which receives indirect sunlight for the new babies to grow well. Avoid excessive watering for few days. With more space the fern is happy and fresh green shoots are seen growing from the pot. Transplanted in wider pot also.

 New Home
So now with a spacious home the Boston fern begins new growth.
Try to protect from birds, when in new growth stage. We have a lot of bird friends, so transplanting or planting new plants is a trying task , always!
Take Care and All the Best!
Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art


  1. Hi Rizwana, I am Dee. I have been following your blog and congratulations you are doing a great job. I am a beginner in gardening and I have a few plants at my place and have few questions about them.
    I have a tulsi plant and it was fine till last sunday and from then I have noticed that the leaves of the plant are wilting, turning black and life less... could you tell me the possible cause or care for the plant? Also I have 2 very good and large hibiscus plants and even they have been all life less and wilting since last week. temperature is a bit low (near to 20-25 degrees) at my place. Is it the cause? Also mine is a small place so I cannot put them in the house so is there any alternative protective measure? Please help.

  2. Dee, first of all thanks for the comments.I am just a simple soul sharing the knowledge.
    The plants I think are not getting enough water and sunlight.With Tulsi i have not had much success but turning black and wilting is too much or too little water, please check the roots, maybe the soil has clogged or diseased and the plant cannot breathe.
    As for the hibiscus during winters the plant attracts white bugs attached to the stems leaves and flowers, result weak buds, check this and beginning stage is the plant looks lifeless.
    I am not much experienced in growing plants having very cold climates, I try shifting my plants where they can get some sunlight or artificial light.If not at least avoid them in contact of full blast of chilly winds.
    All the Best!

  3. Hi Dee,
    When plants are grown in harsh sunlight they have a tendency of becoming photosynthetically inefficient. Reduce the levels of light your plants are exposed to. Also check if your plants have proportionate amount of humidity, ventilation and fertilization to ensure a healthy growth.

  4. Yes Kushie , proportionate amount of humidity, ventilation and fertilization to ensure a healthy growth, just right!

  5. Thanks Rizwana!

    Most amateur growers make a common mistake and i.e. ignoring the nutrition levels we provide for our hydroponic plants. The common misconception is the soil will provide it all. It just doesn't!. Your hydroponic grow will constantly need nutrition just like a growing child does. Hope my suggestions are helping you Dee!

  6. Yes Kushie, thanks for bringing this to notice, each one is different, hydroponic plants will need nutrition, great example just like a child, Thanks!


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