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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Safety Hygiene Tips for Water features in Your Garden

Hygienic Water Features in Garden
A garden looks incomplete with a water feature. As we see green plants and flowers add to the beauty of your garden, we also see that birds bring  in a lot of positive energy. Bird baths, ponds for drinking water and water plants in the ponds, especially the majestic lotus in your pond would look great.
With mosquitoes, flies, and other insects and germs floating in the air they get a good place to make themselves comfortable, in your garden pond or bird bath.
If we have a bird bath or pond or a garden beside water feature then few simple tips can prevent spread of germs and diseases. With dengue fever on the rise people are afraid to keep any water around that is lying still. the poor birds are left with no water in this dry climate at onset of winter. So on consultation with a physician reading and getting information is the only way you can take care of hygiene water feature in your garden.
First of all diseases and germs, dengue spreads from stagnant water lying still for at least a few days  week. The mosquitoes breed in this water and spread disease. here it is very important that you keep the bird baths and pond or water feature clean. Do not allow water to remain stagnant for days. A practical tip would be to reduce the amount of water you keep for the birds by selecting a smaller bird bath. An easy cleaning water feature helps you to keep it clean and does not allow water to remain stagnant or moss to accumulate here.
We have this water cabbage which has filled the whole bird bath, which at present lies empty, replaced with a smaller sized water feature with water to drink for the guests from above. It is advisable to select a mud or cement based water feature to keep the water cool in the hot season. This will aid in easy cleaning and prevent any accumulation of food or moss slime inside.
Safety tips would involve keeping the bird bath away from pets and children to avoid spilling of water or they accidently drinking water from this bird bath. Do not have huge ponds where you have small children or pets in the family as there is always risk of accidents. In case you have small children do make a fence surrounding your pond so that birds can come from above and enjoy the cool drink. Avoid placing bird baths on ground level as they may topple or some one may get hurt while walking. select a sunny spot above level for the bids to visit and enjoy and also you can enjoy the view.
There are also water plants which help to keep the water in pond clean and water cabbage is one of them as I see the water is sparkling clean under the plants in the container. Birds drink water and as I replace it the shiny clean water is seen sparkling in the sun. Such water purifying plants are available in the nursery which will nourish the nutrients of water and also keep the pond clean.
Another tip for preventing water borne diseases and caring for water feature is keep the bird bath in a place where it receives sunlight. By this the germs automatically do not have time for breeding as the water will evaporate quickly daily or within few hours. Do not allow water to remain for days without cleaning as this is sure way to bad health for you and your family.
caring for water features and their maintenance of water features is very important for the beauty and aesthetics of your garden. Colorful flowers and greenery is put down by flying mosquitoes or flies in the garden. Stagnant water, unclean water features, especially if you have added this as a feng shui cure for north section would be of no help. This not only breaks the feng shui peace and harmony but also invites bad luck. Water features are the most essential part to invite feng shui heaven luck by birds energy and hence you must take care and maintain the water feature clean and replace it with fresh water daily.


  1. This is a really good article, lots of people do not follow hygiene tips for water features and ponds. If people correctly followed these tips they could really decrease the risk of water born illness and bacteria growth in ponds.

  2. wow what beautiful water features, yes hygine is important with water fetaures, thanks for sharing this link, very helpful

  3. Those tips are very useful and there are a lot of people who will benefit from the same.

  4. Thanks UK Water Features for the lovely comment and coming by garden care Simplified, garden water features enliven the atmosphere and bring energy to any space.


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