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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gardening Is Green Always Good Feng Shui for Garden

Is green always good for your garden? a terrace garden with lush green plants , leaves flowing with the breeze, fragrance spreading everywhere, how good is your garden? Is it feng shuid? do you feel happy, relaxed here or tired and losing energy ?
Feng Shui Tips for Garden
After the rains as all our plants were at their best, greenery and more greenery,a s it seems is very nice, but just how much? too much of anything is not good. As the principles of feng shui for any garden it must have all the elements in harmony, that is fire, earth, metal, water and wind. An overgrown garden will usually not give out positive vibes and instead develop feelings of anxiousness, uneasiness and restlessness.
Why do you feel all these emotions in the same garden, that which once felt so good, happy. All this happens in any garden when it becomes overgrown. The plants have grown huge as compared to their pots and the place seems cluttered. Feng shui clutter may have different meanings.
Plants are considered very good in feng shui but just how much will depend on the energy they produce. As in jungles we get scared as the fear of hidden animals and insect but in a garden we feel happy because the sheer number and size of plants is small or proportionate to the area of your garden.
While taking positive steps for improving the garden landscape design the garden feng shui began with clutter clearing.We had to part with a few fruit plants, (though i did cry to part with them!)and give them land where they can grow much better and fruit better.The over grown plants were trimmed, sorted out and babies transplanted making more space in their homes. Another important point here was smaller pots require more care as they have less soil and dry out sooner. Larger pots have more water retaining capacity and can do away without few waterings as their root system is much stronger. Clutter free your garden and this affects the energy in your life and relationships, feng shui for relationships works best when first clutter in every  field is addressed.

Beautiful Single Rose Flower
An important lesson I learned, "green is not always good" but just the right amount of healthy green is good.
 Have plants in your homes and garden but do keep a check on the number of plants and the space you have available. If you are an obsessed gardener lover just like me, you may share few plants or give away few ones to maintain the harmony in your garden. Which brings me to another  agenda, buying some rare colorful flowering bulbs is on wish list, will keep updated!

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