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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Natural Pest Control and Air Purification , Sansevieria Snake Plants Care and Tips

Curled and Twisted Snake Plant
 Natural pest control with plants. After looking at the snake shape and mouse are scared of snakes, thus these plants provide natural pest control. Snake plants or sansevieria plants are of different types. With the two types of sansevieria we have in our terrace garden,  tall shoots we have that look like snakes, there are also other plants that have their leaves curled and grow in circular direction. The snake plant as it is often called is because the plant looks very similar to a snake and can be used to protect your garden from pests like mice and harmful birds. Our ones though have become friendly with the plant!
Tall Leaves Snake Plants
 Tips and care for Sansevieria snake plant: A very easy growing plant this snake plant grows from rhizomes buried underground. The plant can be grown by dividing the rhizome with cutter and planting small pieces of rhizomes to have new snake plants. Naturally the snake plants multiply sideways and grow new babies around the original plant.The snake plant requires less watering and can do away with few dry spells.The snake plant looks very beautiful with tall dark green shaded designer leaves and can be placed on any spot inside the home. This is a very easy and simple growing plant that does not require much care and can be grown indoors also.Plant the rhizomes in well draining soil as the snake plant does not like to stay in soggy soil and may rot.
Circular sansevieria Plants
The most beautiful arrangement of plants , dark green with self designs , the snake plant is available in many self printed natural designs. Some plants have stripes, some are shaded design patterns, whereas some have yellow border named 'mother in laws tongue". You can plant these easy growing snake plants forming any design or patterns in your garden and even in a big container there are immense possibilities and variations in garden design with these snake plants. You can also grow different types of snake plants/sansevieria in a center or garden corner planting a combination of circular and tall snake plants. We have these plants as circular and tall combination growing pattern in a single container.
Natural air purifiers: these snake plants have been proved to purify air bacteria and toxins in the environment. Growing indoors helps to provide a natural pest control and air purifier which removes and purifies the air inside. now a days when we have air conditioners and the same air is circulated inside these snake plants are very good air purifiers.
The snake plants can do with less sunlight, low humidity levels and less care, as they look fresh.They enliven any dull and stagnant corner and are considered very good feng shui plants for growing indoors.
problems with growing snake plants comes only when the soil is not well draining one and water cogs to the roots. The white fungus attacks are common with over watering or more stagnant water in the pot. The circular plants grow well and happily in hanging baskets and the tall ones are happy when grown in a pot and placed in a corner.
care is required when you have small children in your home as the leaves of snake plant has sharp edges. And the tips also are quite pointed. Also when you have pets, like cats and dogs around , at first they get scared but later on becoming familiar with the snake statue they may also get hurt while playing or jumping around. The snake plants are best grown in corners and never in center of home.


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