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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Tree of Gods! Parijaat the Auspicious Fragrant Jasmine

Parijaat, with its heavenly fragrance is at its best with onset of winters. One of the most auspicious trees in Hinduism, Parijaat is often called the tree of Gods.
Fragrant Parijaat
It is said that Lord Krishna stole a branch of this tree from the kingdom if Indra and brought it to earth. And kunti used to offer these to lord Shiva. The Indian Coral tree.Night flowering coral Jasmine. Parijaata, divine tree, tree of Paradise. While the symbolism is very strong in Indian Mythology, the tree does not grow in all places. While I have tried to plant this tree many times with cuttings, not yet successful. We have three huge trees in our society campus garden.The trees of Parijaata are so beautiful, and the fragrance is quite strong, citric, divine, refreshing. The happiness is immense, as a small sapling has sprung up in my terrace garden container. A heavenly blessing, an unexpected gift from the Universe!!! Thank you for coming by Garden Care Simplified!!!
The Tree of Gods Parijaat
All the Best, Have a Merry Christmas, and A Great 2018 Ahead!!! ( inspired by these flowers, is "Fragrant Harmony" a spiritual calligraphy artwork Enchanting Garden)

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