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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Why My Good Luck Bamboo Plants are Drying- Important Tip for Growing Healthy bamboo Trees in Container

Why my bamboo plants are drying, was wondering even during and after rainy season when other plants are happily blooming at their best my bamboo plant was drying. The bamboo shoots were also looking dried as the leaves turned into golden brown and fell off slowly. In few days I noticed the leaves had all shed with the barren stalks and was so worried lest I lose my favorite good luck plant.

Original Bamboo Plant in Container
 I had tried hard to get this original feng shui bamboo plant and as it is believed in feng shui the bamboo plant is considered very auspicious and prosperity plant bringing good luck I was more worried. Then as I usually do, critical hospital care, I do not leave them to die!  I try all means to revive them if possible. My first step was to move the bamboo plant in a more shaded area so that it gets rest from the afternoon heat which had increased after the rainy season. Still the leaves of bamboo plant were drying and falling and the whole terrace garden would be covered with dried bamboo leaves, a sad sight !: Then the next step was to check the root system for any disease or pests attack. So the whole Bamboo plant growing in container was uprooted to find out the main cause of bamboo drying even after watering. And here it was the roots were so firmly stuck up in the container that they had grown hard, no space!
New leaves n the bamboo Plant in Container
 So though we had planted the bamboo trees in a big container the babies had grown much more as in height so also in width, and of course the roots! The roots becoming too much the bamboos did not have any scope to grow and as a result the whole bamboo plant was dying a gradual death. Trimming the roots did the trick and then I also planted the bamboo trees plant in a bigger container.
Fresh Leaves on Dried bamboo Plant
Tips for growing healthy Bamboo Trees in Containers-
1) Select a partially shaded area for your bamboo trees growing in containers. I had kept the bamboo in full sunlight so this may be one of the reason the roots had grown much faster. If the bamboo trees are grown in full sunlight the trees will dry out soon, the plants may not die but most of the leaves and tips will always look dried. So for fresh green shoots  on bamboo trees plant the good luck bamboo tree plant in containers in a partially shaded area which receives sunlight for some part of the day or indirect light.
2) As is believed that the prosperity bamboo trees do not require much water is not true. They need water regularly but can do away with few waterings if grown in shaded areas.
3) Trim your bamboo trees growing in containers when they grow thicker and dense so that they do not out grow their space soon.
4) It is Ok to feed your bamboo tree plants growing in containers as other plants though they do not require much, but once in six months the soil will grow dry and barren of nutrients so adding them would nourish the soil and the plant.
5) finally if your feng shui good luck bamboo trees growing in containers are drying continuously check out for the roots, if they have out grown trim them and then plant the bamboo trees in another container with fresh soil or adding some fresh soil as the original soil will be full of dried roots which will not nourish the plant for new growth.
The good luck bamboo trees in feng shui are considered very auspicious especially because they bend and sway with the wind and as the breeze blows they make a rustling sound which is very soothing to the mind.The bamboo trees are considered good luck prosperity plants because in the Buddhism Tibetan culture it is believed that an individual should develop characteristics like a bamboo tree.Hollow from within, strong , firm but able to bend and adjust with situations. I love the sound they make when the breeze blows and this brings in lots of beneficial positive chi into the terrace garden and our home.

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    simple tips on repotting a plant
    "How to Re-Pot a Plant that is Root Bound"


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