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Friday, December 21, 2012

Gardening Simplified Wishes All a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The year 2012, with happy and sad memories, our garden has added many new ones to the family and also lost some, some have left us due to climatic conditions, some have had a natural life span death, whereas some even after drying have sprung up to new life this winter.
Candles of Goodluck Rizwana M

Blessings and Happiness
Happy New Year from Rizwana
Gardening has taught me many lessons of life. the wait, waiting for the new shoots after planting a new plant, waiting for blooms few days, few months, few years and waiting and waiting and the immense happiness after the blooms,each single bloom still gives me immense pleasure, to see how nature unfolds itself , a tiny bub, in to a beautiful bloom.
Patience and perseverance, for all the flowering plants especially anant geraniums which I had to trim and trim to get to see the heavenly fragrant blooms, the amaryllis that bloomed after five years after I abandoned the bulb out of the pot! The fruit trees grown in containers who have have left us, for a better healthy life, found a place in the soil, hope they give plenty of fruits for all.
Alexandrine Parakeet Bird from paradise Heavenly Bird
Pure Self less Love , a special prayer for the alexandrine parakeet who has lived with us for so many years and is caught by someone and caged somewhere now.taught me selfless love compassion, I have learned to understand nature and each plant communicates in a different manner, but they do if you observe, Birds who I feed and care for daily, even after they mess up with my blooms and nearly killed so many of my plants!they have taught me an very important lesson, grow, choose plants according to your environment and not what you like, if you wish to see them alive!

If you wish to see the greenery you need to spend, gardening is not just time consuming but also requires finance for maintaining a green patch. I now understand why we see so many empty pots lying outside homes, those of you who have given up, do spend a few, to maintain the greenery along doing your bit for the environment.Planting a simple easy growing plant if you cannot give time will serve the purpose.
Nature unfold itself into new mysteries, the sky, the birds, the welcome guests and the unwelcome ones, butterflies, snails, doves , owls, bats,eagles and hawks along with the beautiful kingfishers, hope I get a new high resolution camera this year to capture more such ecstatic moments in nature.
Resolutions new year 2013..
Garden design and landscape is among the wish list this year.I will pay more attention to garden  design along with keeping in mind feng shui principles. I will strive to search for information and plant many new rare plants. I will try to visit more plant exhibitions, discover new plant nurseries and share genuine information on plants as possible with garden care simplified readers. I will not spend over board on plants and keep a budget. I will get less emotionally attached with birds and nature, its very hard to let go, and live more among humans!
I ask forgiveness from the universe, while on this gardening journey knowingly, unknowingly I may have hurt many plants, I may have killed them while transplanting, watering, the sunlight, even after struggling with plant pests,  and also may not have been able to do justice with their individual requirements.  
Full Moon from Our Terrace garden
Observing the dark sky, stars, studying about them their names, their influences,  with the full moon doing my bit for nature,Wishing from Garden Care Simplified, I thank all readers of my posts, those who brush up for plant information, those who love to see flowers pictures, and also those who are genuinely searching for tips for their plants, a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year ahead, happy gardening, happy planting, and hope we see many many new gardeners join, this new year.
Champa frangipani Flower Close Up
 Hope to paint more of nature colors on my canvases. as nature has tons of inspiration ideas unlimited.,
Adenium Good luck Plant
remember like food is for body,  flowers are for if you have that idle pot lying around do plant a simple easy growing plant, no harm in spending a few bucks!you will get loads of positive feng shui energy in return around your home and heaven luck on your side.
I will try to be a better individual, human being and healing artist and continue making healing art.
Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi Healing Artist Raz
Hope this year fulfills all your justified wishes and nature blesses you with its choicest fruits. All the Best for all your new ventures, work hard, there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for all the rest there is feng shui.

Check out for more heartfelt on gardening,

Take Care and God Bless from Rizwana! 

Thank You for coming by Garden Care Simplified!


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