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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Love Birds Pets Behaviour Guide Bathing Feeding Travelling Sleeping Budgie Care

Budgies love birds colorful pets and very sweet tiny birds which are born and born in artificial  incubators and very graceful and intelligent behaviour anyone would fall in love with them. People breed love birds for their beautiful colors. They are very attractive and if you have the time and space in your life they are a very good choice as pets. As you give so shall you receive and it feels so nice when i am working and suddenly I look they are looking  at me comforting staring, sitting close to me!which not only brings a smile on my face but also as we converse they reciprocate, of course that only I understand!.

As pets they are the most intelligent birds , small in size and also less noisy as compared to any other bird. They are a very good choice when you are searching for good pets that require very less space and costs of maintenance.
Intelligent Love Bird Pets
understanding and caring for pets , love bird form a very good companions pets, and when trained they speak and mumble our words. Our pet imitates the sounds of other birds from outside and also can whistle like our pet parakeet. When they sit on our finger the tiny nails can be felt. And the small beak though very small is sharp!

Behaviour of love birds- The couple are of two different nature, just like male and female of our species! She loves to explore the whole house and is very very busy with cleaning up the home, throwing everything out of the home and egg case.As she loves salty biscuits and nibbles them in powder form within minutes the male budgie love bird loves only leafy vegetables. From corriander to spinnach to methi fenugreek and leaves of orange, chickoo , rose plants, they love to eat different variety of leaves. people also give budgies fresh fruits, trying out any new food care has to be taken to gradually introduce the food, as they are afraid of any new thing in their home.

Conversations Gossips Love Birds
 Budgies need to be kept clean by bathing them as requirement once a week or twice a week depending upon the external climatic conditions. In cold seasons avoid very cold showers and also hang them in places where they do not receive harsh cold winter winds directly in their face. Their home needs to be cleaned regularly , everyday to avoid dirt and insects and infections. Some people do keep newspaper lined below for easy cleaning but the whole day these birds will nibble on paper and also may eat it, which is not good for their health. The other birds visiting us like the mynas, pigeons, sparrows and parrots are only guests and these love birds imitate them especially sparrows.
Sparrow at the Window

Male Love Bird
 There are times when the gossiping conversations continue as they talk to each other. Looks so cool when the male hangs near the egg case and converses with the female. The babble and soft tones indicate that the conversation is private and as we go closer they stop. The female love bird is very very intelligent and also looks so. She has laid eggs every few months and till now the eggs have been unfertilized and we did not have any new members.
Conversing Love Bird

Sleepy Loving Couple Love Birds
 Sleeping habits love birds- they do rest just like us and after sunset we have to cover them with soft cloth for them to get good  night rest. In urban life as we are all awake till late so are the pet love birds and the male starts shouting loudly and mumbling with television sounds at night or when we switch on the lights and we all switch off the lights. The budgies need good night sleep and they wake up fresh otherwise they suffer from poor health and weakness and this shows in their day sleepyness.
After Bath Love Birds
Cooked  Rice, grainy in texture can also be given along with dried cereals. They also love to nibble on toast and baked products but care has to be taken that the food does not have too much fat and oil. They also do not love spicy food or chillie foods as they are very small and this will create more harm. Ready pellets from the bird homes is very good but insufficient in nutrients and you must add fresh food daily. replace food after few hours to avoid getting spoiled, especially when you are giving cooked food. Do watch out for their pellets with fingers as there may be only husk remaining in their food container and love birds may go hungry.
Curious Boki Love Bird
 Feeding tips for love birds-when introducing new food do take acre never to force any food to your love bird. Gradually let them be comfortable with your hand and you, as you are so big compared to their small size. Once comfortable they learn to trust you and also feed from our hands. fresh water is very important as they may have bird droppings and go dirty.Drinking dirty water may lead to infection in your pet.
Love Bird eggs
 Laying eggs in love birds- as they are staying with us we need to provide nesting material like news paper cotton and dried leaves. Our pet does not like any more materials and she cleans the nest again and again, with only few paper pieces along with her precious eggs. She is very possessive and as we go close she will immediately run to her nest to protect her babies.Eggs are laid every alternate day till a clutch of seven. She may sit on the first day or second day and just comes out for feeding or the mate will provide with food and water.
Diseases in love birds- They are birds and may be infested with mites when not kept clean.If birds are screaming and scratchy all over and irritable these are signs of disease. try to give them bath with warm water adding few drops of lime. When love bird sits below the cage sign of weakness so hand feed the bird what ever it can take, with special care till recovery. When the female has egg binding ,that is the egg is stuck up she will be impatient and flutter her feathers again and again, provide extra calcium while laying eggs, in form of calcium crystals, fish cuttle bone for her to nibble. This calcium requirement is for all female birds breeding season.
Sometimes in big groups it is very sad that all birds get infected an die.So if you have many birds it is advisable to bring out the sick bird and take care seperately.
Birdie on the Curtain Rod
Importance of Time Out- any bird pet needs time out. You may leave your pet out inside your home by closing all windows and doors and also keeping harmful objects and furniture away so that they enjoy the ride out. they are small so avoid long distance flying as they bang into something and fall and may get hurt. Giving this time out helps them to open their wings and use them frequently , good for their health.Our pets are so comfortable inside that we have to force them for the time out!
Home of Love Birds- care has to be taken to bring in required materials like natural branches and perches for them to relax. A swing, must for sleeping and the rest is all upto you. May have a slide and toys that they can shred keeping in mind healthy eco friendly toys. They also can have soft toys, cloth cradle where they can snuggle up during chilly nights. Budgies love to climb and lots of ladders and natural wood branches will keep them healthy. The home for love birds must be comfortable for them to fly within.
Traveling tips for love birds- travelling to other places is very important as the birds have to adjust to different climates and atmospheric changes. While driving keep the windows closed as they may accidently fly away and get lost in this big world. This may lead to sever trauma and also death of your loved pet.Take care to have a breathing comfortable bag where their home can be placed for travelling. tie all loose toys, swings, cradles and branches , perches as while travelling they may hurt the love birds.
Love birds are very cute pets and most of all they need love care attention, especially many birds die not of want of food and water but of want of love and attention!Do not let your pet get bored, keep them busy and they form great companions!
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  1. pets that require very less space and costs of maintenance.Intelligent Love Bird Pets
    understanding and caring for pets , love bird form a very good companions pets, and when trained they speak and mumble our words.

  2. Thank you Shrikant , welcome to Garden Care Simplified, yes our 4 budgies have now got a larger home, and how well they follow our advice and recognise their names when called.
    Take Care and God Bless!

  3. these are parakeets not love birds

  4. these are parakeets not love birds

    1. msolyapolya, Budgies, I though Parakeets were more larger in size, anyways , I love, them, and sad the blue one is no more with us...and The Green Birdie has a new mate, Honey!as her colour is like honey!


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