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Euphorbia milli Crown of Thorns Thailand Good Luck Plant

Euphorbia milli crown of thorns flowering cactus Original photo by rizwana A
This beautiful flowering cactus colors the winter climate with lovely peach colored blooms. The crown of thorns as it is called it does have huge sharp thorns all over the stem.  This Crown of thorns, Euphorbia milli  is also famous as the good luck plant in Thailand and is considered very auspicious to have one in the garden.
Good luck plant Thailand Picture by Rizwana A
thorns on Flowering Cactus plant
 Easy growing cactus, does not require much care and tolerates full indirect sunlight.Great plant for its colorful all year round blooms , except for the huge sharp thorns! plant away from traffic areas, and take care with pets and small children. Flowers grow as bunches of buds on stems with fresh thick rubbery leaves. The plant grows tall with stems like sticks having thorns with a bunch of green and flowers on the top, hence the name crown of thorns.

Buds on cactus plant Image rizwana

close up of thorns on Crown of Thorns Plant Photo Rizwana
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  1. a really good luck plant, touch wood , keeps flowering even without any care,

    1. Where I can buy this plan? My wife want this plan for her birthday.

    2. Hello Anonymous you get this plant easily in many plant nurseries. It is a cactus with peach colored flowers
      Hope you get it soon to gift your wife this lovely flowering all year round good luck plant in time.
      here's Wishing Her a Great Happy Birthday!
      Take Care and All the Best!

  2. seeing this plant more in India and in many landscape designs gardens in and near mumbai

  3. Hi Rizwana:

    I recently purchased a Euphorbia Mili (hybrid of pink and yellow flowers) to beat the Mumbai winter weather. The plant, measuring 6 inches, looks healthy and has been potted in a very small container. I understand that euphorbias and succulents require lots of sunshine and well-drained soil. Does vermicompost work well with euphorbia? Do you have other suggestions for fertilising flowering euphorbias and cacti? How much watering is needed? Will a water spray on alternate days suffice? My west-facing balcony receives around five hours of direct afternoon/ evening sunshine?

    Another related question:

    My neighbour had gifted me a euphorbia ( bearing pink flowers) cutting measuring two inches last month. As soon as I planted it in a planting medium of red soil mixed with vermicompost, the leaves of the cutting began drooping a bit and have remained in the same state without any further deterioration over the last three weeks or so. I am worried that the cutting has not rooted! Is there any way to ensure that the cutting has rooted and has survived? Do I water the cuttings regularly till the first shoots emerge?

    Thank you for sharing your insights.

    1. Hello Dr Vivek, this is a beautiful plant and touch wood ours have been in bloom since years, it loves to be in small pots and grows quite tall. I have at some time added only cowdung but that too very less, at most the plant seems happy with sunlight and watering.
      As for your new cutting, touch/ move lightly and see whether the stem has gone mushy or is firm in the soil, this will give you an indication of whether the plant has rooted.If it is dying the stem will fall off from near the pot and if rooted it will not move.
      for cutting now, the process goes like, get the cutting, apply soil to it immediately and let it dry for a day or two and then plant it in porous soil. Sometimes the end part is battered lightly, to get ends, to spread it so that it roots faster.
      Hope this helps, All the Best from Rizwana! do let me know how the little one progresses!


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