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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kevda Flowering Plant Information Required

Kevda plants are very famous since ages and the fragrance of flowers is out of this world. As with kewra essence used in many food dishes, we know kevda is a household name. Kewra flowers are very fragrant and with this hope have planted the kevda plant in container in our garden. More than six years have passed and the plant has grown well but there are no blooms.

Huge Kevda Plant
I have read that kevda plants do not bloom in containers, or they bloom after many many years.Seen in  housing complexes landscapes where the kevda plant has grown majestically huge nearly three four to five feet tall. Wonder when the flowering stem comes up.
Is there any special fertilizer required for kewda to bloom, must find out. Usually the people growing kewra plants grown specially for the fragrance and essence may have the answer. The kewra fields where plants grows in abundance, maybe requires less water or more. Our kewra plant has grown well with good growth from central leaves. the kewra plant grows in spiral direction. A small hope that one day a tall stem will come up with the flowering bud! The kevda plant has spread many tiny babies surrounding the mother plant and the centre plant has grown huge leaves. The new plants as is growing tall has roots coming out from the base connecting to the soil. I have read that the kevda plant grows very tall in wild, usually where the soil is damp and moist with water source below.
Myna White Pigeon Eating
 The white pigeon still frequent visitor for feeding, the mynas, the sparrows, the crows and pigeons even the falcon, but our pet parakeet is still missing.
Many Buds on the Brahma kamal Plant
The Brahma kamal Obsession still continues, our Brahma kamal plants are growing like wild with huge tentacle like leaves, saw this great Brahma kamal plant in a housing complex home where they have had nearly twenty blooms loaded on the Brahma kamla four times in a year! what luck!
Hungry Falcon bird
 The hungry falcon a regular visitor of our garden did something different, took a trip indoors, as other birds feed on human food left overs the eagle, falcon, hawks do not eat this and go hungry many times as it is not easy to catch a flying prey bird, will have to keep watch on our love bird pets, he is after them!

Large Kevda Plant
Pet parakket still missing
 Those who have caught her, a free bird, since the past month, attracting bad karma, why, even though she frequently visited many homes,  two and half years is quite a long time for a bird to live with us, free, at her own will, there is a uneasy stillness in our complex, where once was cheer and good energy from the sound of the happy parakeet.
White Pigeon a Frequent visitor pet
Coming back to kewra plant,,,The kevda plants looks very good in containers with spiral arrangement and also grows without much care. In case you are not bothered about blooms, this is the best easy growing plant with dark green leaves.
The leaves of kevda are also fragrant. The edges of the kevda leaf are spiky and rough in touch, for which care has to be taken to grow them away from eye level, and also while trimming protect hands from the spiky edges of elongated leaves. The kevda plant with  is always ever green with leaves and also takes care of itself with few watering, a good plant for people with a green thumb!
some information on kevda plant flowering is welcome!
Thank you!

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