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Friday, January 18, 2013

Canna Big Red Flowering Plant Care and Tips for Flowering in Canna

Bright Red Colorful Canna Flower
 Bright Vermillon red, cheerful and full of energy, that is just what the garden requires in these chilled winters. Rhizomes and bulbs are enjoying the cool low temperatures and blooming one after the other. The canna plant a very easy growing flowering plant with big colorful blooms has been with us for many many years. The plant takes care of itself except for watering and few feedings.
Close Up of Canna Plant Leaf
Canna plants have long elongated leaves of dark green colour and they are available in many colors. Red. yellow, orange, pink, peach and even many attractive shaded varieties. Till date we have two beautiful ones, the vermillon red, very bright and the yellow with orange and red dots another unique one. Following feng shui tips you may plant these red flowering plants in the south section of your garden, as in feng shui masters believe anything red brings fame and recognition luck.  Which brings us to an important aspect of reality, as I mention feng shui tips you may grow your plants in any direction as long as they are comfortable and growing healthy  as in many cases growing white flowering plants in north where they do not receive any sunlight may be more harmful to the plant and they may wilt and wither, leave aside bringing any luck! so also in case you d not have a south window people plant flowering plants in the south section of their home, indoors and they do not grow, as we know flowering plants need some sunlight even partial for flowering.
The canna plant spreads its own small rhizomes along side of the mother plant and thus you may plant these babies in separate containers for many new canna plants. The plant grows side ways as one flowering stem matures and gives blooms this as it fades and withers gradually and the other plant comes out from base on side of this one. cannas are very good for growing in garden borders and centers for colorful focal point in garden landscapes.

Buds on Red Color Flowering  Canna Plant
 Care and Tips for flowering in Canna Plants- The plants grown in smaller containers will give you more blooms. Yes like all bulb and rhizome plants even canna plants love to be root bound. Observe the size of the rhizome bulb, Allow only some more space outside, maybe five to eight inches more than the size of the rhizome, if you wish to see plenty of blooms. This is a very important flowering tip as many people plant this Cannas in very large pots and the plant grows like wild with plenty of green shoots but no blooms, the whole energy of the canna plant goes in maintaining the green leaves..
Red Cannas In Full Bloom

Fresh Dew drops on Red Color Canna Plant
 Feeding the plant before winter sets in will give you healthy blooms all throughout winter. in fact this canna plants flower all year round. but it is advisable to allow the plants some rest otherwise you may get weak small blooms. Resting means the plant is stagnant and quiet for some months with no leaves or tiny leaves, and this each individual plant will take for itself.
Close Up of Canna  Flower Bud
Canna plants are very good for all plant lovers and very easy growing with little care. The most important is that the plants do not die without water, as the  water and energy is stored in the rhizome,  and can take care of themselves even when left for a fortnight without water. Canna plants, very good flowering plant for people who are always on the go and want to have a touch of nature.

The canna plant flowers in bunches and each stem has four to seven blooms. The beautiful flowers have come up in a few of my paintings too. 
Thank You!

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All the Best from Rizwana!
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  1. It is important that you know how to take care the flowers.

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