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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Garden Maintenance Contract Versus Own Gardening

Garden maintenance is a thing which every gardener swears with, as we need to be on our toes every time the weather changes, sometimes when we cannot look, the garden falls into a sleep mode! With chilly winters  we see lots of dried leaves, spiders and dry soil even after watering. Some times during special cases, working people, office gardens, large property gardens, villas and backyards,  garden maintenance is required to keep your garden always welcoming with colorful blooms. hence came about hiring professionals  on need basis or yearly contract of garden maintenance.
Garden maintenance have a team of professionals who specialize in cleaning your garden, trimming or mowing your lawn, planting fresh plants according to the seasonal blooms, and of course taking care of the landscaped garden as a whole to keep it inviting and always welcoming.usually big office structures having huge landscaped gardens need professional help for garden maintenance.Big villas and bungalows may also need help as it is not possible for individual members to take care of large gardens. The physical work and energy required is so much that it has been scientifically proved that if you wish to lose weight do gardening!
As for personal gardens, a front garden, a backyard vegetable garden, a window garden, or a terrace garden I think personal touch is great.
A garden is an extension of your personality and indicates the choice of plants by the owner of the house and living members. When we see a garden it not only shares the owners thoughts and hobbies but also their taste of choice of plants and arrangement. each garden is totally different for another. You get to see unique gardens where there is color, texture, design, novelty and exclusivity. Some gardeners select rare plants and specialize in caring for them, some have colorful flowering plants , a riot of colors whereas some have soothing peaceful zen gardens with few plants and rocks. It is not that working people do not have healthy gardens, its just a matter of priority and love for plants. With decorative indoor plants to flowering blooming fragrant plants the personal garden can have any individualistic style without any rules.
Even in offices and large societies plant lovers do give their personal touch by planting few plants of their choice, though the contract of yearly maintenance is going on. There are many easy available garden care professionals who take care of your garden with a reasonable fees. They do the regular toiling and let you enjoy the garden always in good condition. Dry plants are replaced with healthy ones, grass is trimmed, plants are trimmed, fertilizer added at regular intervals  its just like eating in a restaurant, everything is there just not mummy touch! opinions do differ as people feel there are more better things than gardening.
People also hire a group of care takers who can daily clean the yard,(for all those who have a garden know about this tedious task) they sometimes even hire help to plant new trees and bushes as with digging of soil and adding fertilizers regularly.
With the new trend today people having personal gardens allow ready planted pots placed in gardens. personal touch is missing as money cannot buy the happiness got by looking, observing experiencing the growth of a plant from a baby to a mature flowering and fruiting tree. Its just a matter of choice if you wish to  handle soil, experience the connection with earth, dig into the soil and plant hope, prosperity and happiness.
personal gardening benefits and hazards, immense satisfaction, achievement, love, caring, and happiness with each bloom, on the down side have been bitten by mosquitoes, spiders and flies, and hate the fungus, pests  on plants!
For large homes, bungalows, villas, office buildings, housing complexes gardens it is better to hire professionals and work with them to make your dream garden. Yearly garden maintenance services is beneficial as you save lots of money, an the garden maintenance fees is negotiable, compared to hiring the professional for single cleaning of your garden each time. And of course the commitment of keeping your garden always welcoming falls upon them, and whenever you visit the place it is always with fresh look relaxing and inviting.
It is better to find out the reputation of the garden maintenance contractors before hiring them as some just sign the contract and then after one visit the guys are no where to be seen!


  1. Thank you Mack, welcome to Garden Care Simplified.
    All the Best from Rizwana!


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