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Monday, January 28, 2013

Choose Right Garden Accessories Play Ground Equipment

Garden Accessories and Equipment
Whenever we visit a garden the first thing children notice are swings see saw and slides! elders search for good seating chairs whereas youngsters love the nature walks surrounded by colorful flowers and greenery. For all those who have big gardens choosing the right garden furniture and play ground equipment becomes a difficult task.
If you want to install childrens play area swings slides see saws go in for good material and design. The one that may bear the nature , sunlight , rains, daily watering and still go on for years. As we know garden equipment and accessories children playground does not come cheap it is better to select with care the equipment to be installed in the garden.
considering the material used, metal is best and sturdy and also when repainted lasts for many years and even life long. people also go in for plastic coated equipment for gardens as this is cheaper and does not require much care, but the plastic does wear out after few years due to daily sun exposure.
Consider the total size of your garden before buying any garden accessory or play ground equipment for children. Their age is the most important factor as over sized play equipment,e.g big slide will be of no use for a kindergarten child for some years.
Blend the children s play equipment with the natural garden landscape so that this does not interfere with nature walks.
The childrens playground equipment must be safe and accident proof as much as is possible. Where there are slides and swings a loose patch of soil is made so that even if someone falls they would not get hurt. Plants, stone artefacts, fish ponds, water fountains must be away from small childrens play ground equipment so that they can play without and danger of falling accidentaly in water.
Boundaries and safety grills are a must for every garden as even though the childrens play equipment may be safe but children tend to move away very fast while playing and safety of the whole garden by wireless safety alarms and border grills is a must to install.
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  1. even the old CD has made a place as garden accessory in our garden as with the hanging wind chime that makes a beautiful sound with every brush of air!


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