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Healthy Big Size Rose Flowering Tips

Opening of Rose Flower
 Healthy rose flowers are what every gardener dreams of. When ever we plant a rose bush, a rose climber or any rose plant we expect to see healthy blooms. This time our garden has gone fragrant in the rains with many bushes, climbers and rose plants fully loaded with colourful roses.
Rose in the Rains

Pink Rose

White Fragrant Roses Climber Tips
 Tips for healthy growth of your rose plant and big flower size- I share few tips here to get good and profuse flowers on your rose plants. Rose climbers need partially shaded area as the blooms will dry off soon in sunny sections of your garden. Feed the plants with regular fertilizer available in nursery outlets. There are  also special mixtures available for roses which when given to the plants they immediately develop good sized blooms.
Shaded Yellow Orange Rose Flower on Bush
 The thorny rose plants bushes also need to get partial sunlight for few hours of the day. the soil has to be hard to bear the weight of your rose plant. Regular watering is required after fertilization the plant for the plant to develop good sized rose flowers. Since I had fed my plant just before rainy season the blooms have come out excellent and fully laded plants look coloruful in this gloomy atmosphere. With red. pink, white, peach, shaded, black red, maroon, rani pink and orange all the colours especially the yellow rose bush has blossomed well in this season.
Heavenly Fragrant Pink Rose
 Big blooms need healthy plant and I have seen the flowers of big size are almost drooping on the rose bushes and climbers. The size of the flowers is very big and the stem is unable to bear the weight of the bunches of flowers. Some climbers have been trimmed down to maintian the beauty of the rose climber whereas some rose bushes have developed good blooms and with profuse growth I have trimmed the plants even during rainy season. To check the growth of the rose flowers I have also cut many rose flowers and kept them inside to brighten up the living room and enjoy the fragrant roses.
Yellow Rose for Friendship

Beautiful red Rose Flower
 For increasing the size of the rose flowers you must allow only few blooms to grow on the  plant. Usually I select bushes without horns as these give profuse flowers. This red rose picture is from the rose bush that has given very big flowers this year. Even the dark maroon rose flowers have been very healthy, guess the right amount of water, light, and feeding and we have been lucky with all these rose plant as long time back we had a rose climber that would grow and grow and there were no flowers on it. Finally we parted with it.  . Keep the stem thick to carry the weight of  loaded rose flowers on your rose plant. The lanky rose flower bushes  are growing like wild with so many blooms , it was worth the effort of the cuts and bruises by the thorns!
Big Size Rose Flower Tips

Beautiful Rose Flowering Tips

Big Rose Flowers in Container

Healthy rose Flowers on plant
growing big rose flowers is a dream of every one who selects to grow roses and it is necessary to understand that the rose bush needs some sunlight and also feedings regularly to flower healthily. Once the flowers have dried off even more important is to trim, dead head the flowers to encourage new growth on the rose plants.
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Heavenly Roses
 Amaltus tree golden Shower


  1. I have very useful information on your blog. It's a nice blog for plant and flower care.

    Alpharetta Florists

  2. Hi Alpharetta Florists
    Thanks for the comment and dropping by Garden Care Simplified.

  3. Hi Rizwana,

    As mentioned by you Egg shells are to be crushed and burried near stem? Also the fertilizer available in packets in nearby nursery is to be given by digging a bit near plant and bury in it?

    Pls reply.

  4. Hi there, the egg shells crushed are to be added to the upper layer of soil, the fertilizer available in packets is to be dissolved in water and then used as addition to watering the plant.

  5. In this winter season leaves of my rose plant first became red and then dried. I planted it in 2011 in a pot but after 3 years its height is 2 feet only. What should I do for its growth. I use pit compost twice a month.

  6. Hello Raj, Welcome to Garden Care Simplified! its sad that the leaves are falling, yes in winters it happens, but the tip of few leaves remain. Red leaves means it is beginning to sprout and may send out buds after this. Fertilizer must be added diluted in water as in winters the leaf shedding process leaves the plant fighting for survival.
    Loosen the soil and add water regularly. Now I would get panicky and transplant it in new pot, adding some fresh soil, but ti is all up-to you, see for signs of any disease, or leaves eaten,
    Most of the times shifting places in a much brighter area during winters helps to start the growth spurt in plants. Hope this helps ! All the Best from Rizwana!

  7. very informative blog. can the name of some fertilizer which helps in increasing the size of rose flowers be provided. what pesticide/insecticide is suggested for eaten leaves....?

    1. Lal Singh, I am not savvy with ready fertilizers. Usually the eco friendly packet is what I take, roses love egg shells and left tea leaves, try it! Hope this helps!

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