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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fragrant Jai Flowering Plant

My New Friend the White Pigeon
Recently since past few days there is a new member in our team of friends. A white pigeon comes and sits in our window sill , he is fed and remains near by and comes when called. Nowadays he has begun to boss around the mynas and other pigeons at the window sill as his territory.
Jai Juhi Plant with White Fragrant Blooms
 Fragrant flowers, white blooms , heavenly fragrance, the jai juhi plant is one wonder of God. the flowers are so beautiful and pure white in colour. The rich blooms when sway with the evening winds blows a heavenly fragrance into our home from the terrace garden. The colourful roses, red, pink, orange, yellow, white, maroon along with white jai plants has become a fragrant corner of the garden.
Close up of Jai Flower
Jai Plant Loaded with White fragrant Blooms
 The jai plant has leaves that are dark green in colour and have kept it in a place that receives indirect sunlight. The jai plant looks like a plant decked with white ornaments. and the fragrance is heavenly. As the buds begin opening from early evening the fragrance is at its peak during late evenings and nights.

Heavenly Fragrance of jai Flowers
Even a small number of Jai Juhi flowers are enough to make the whole atmosphere of your home fragrant.Many people make garlands for offering in temples, hair decorations with these flowers and usually they are available in the market in bud form as they open gradually. The blooms when on the plant last for many days till they wither out unlike when they are plucked they remain for only a day. And the fragrance too is lost in a single day.But owning a Jai plant has its advantages as the blooms are opening in sequence and the plant has been loaded with flowers since past fortnight. enjoying the heavenly fragrance.
Tips and Care for Jai Plant- If you wish to pluck the flowers do so in the cool time. After the blooms have fallen it is better to dead head the plant to encourage new growth soon.Watering daily is essential when the jai plant is loaded with buds as the plant need high moisture during flowering times.Do not place the jai plant in full direct sunlight as the plant will lose moisture and also the blooms will dry out and burn. Usually I have seen flowering plants when kept in direct sunlight for many hours do not bloom well as all energy goes in producing more foliage, leaves,  to preserve the plant.
Thank You!
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  2. Amey, welcome to Garden Care Simplified.
    4 years is a lot of time for this plant, it flowers within six months.
    Did you see the flowers of jai on the plant, anytime, usually nursery bought plants without any flowers sometimes never flower. Always buy plant with some flowers so that you know they are flowering type and also check the fragrance.
    1) Try trimming the plant
    2) add ready fertilser for flowering or dried cowdung.
    3) Check full sunlight and regular watering.
    4) any insects on the plant leaves(eaten ) or stem or roots, even ants(red or black) are a bad plant health sign.
    5) Plant another Jai plant with this one in the same container.
    Hope this helps , All the Best Amey!


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