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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sending Plants by Courier or Home Delivery of Plants

Plants are also being sent by courier or post and as the internet now rules in every field so also plants are send right to your door step by ordering online. As I have never sent or bought a plant online this took me to finding out some methods of online delivery of plants and plant cuttings.
I have been over the years feeling so sad after every trimming session, So many cuttings go waste when in fact each small piece of plant may bring out  a new plant. As it is necessary to keep the plants trimmed and in form to keep your garden chi fresh and active, as I remove dead leaves and dead head dried flowering tips wonder how nice it would be if I could share my plants. I do not wish to make this an earning but all these cuttings would bring out so many beautiful healthy plants. This is especially true for the Ajwain plant that grows like wild and needs frequent trimmings. Each small stem of the Ajwain plant grows fast into a new  Ajwain plant.The red leafed ornamental plant grows by cuttings, the copper leaf also grows by just the cuttings, in fact the Red Canna and the Yellow Canna plants that have grown tubers and rhizomes extensively and taken over the pot need to be uprooted frequently and sown with small piece of rhizome. The remaining rhizome I have been planting small pieces in other pots and each small piece of rhizome, tuber can be grown as a new plant.
Every gardener will know about growing bulbs. They multiply profusely and since bulbs grow and multiply each baby bulb can be grown in a new plant. The colorful lillies, the amaryllis and day lillies as well as tulips and gladiolus flowering bulbs all multiply fast. Once an investment this pays off for life long and even when I keep sharing there is always more with me.
Online plant senders and home delivery of plants are a good opportunity to send and share plants.I have read many advertisements of plants delivered at your door step. From bulbs like lillies and gladiolus to rare orchid flowering plants all can be delivered to any place in the world online delivery and courier services.
The plants ordered online must be from reputed agencies and service providers since we want the plants to be delivered alive and fresh! Each plant requirements are different and their packing system also is different. As we purchase plant in a carry bag from our local nursery sending plants online is totally different and requires good packing material, that is tough, water resistant and allow the plant to breathe.
Bulbs need to be dried first and then packed in loose dried mixture of soil and moss to retain the moisture. Then the packet is put in moisture and water proof bags that have linen lining which prevents the parcel to tear even during rough handling in aircraft or ships these can be delivered any place in the world by courier.
I do not know the procedure of sending big plants in pots, guess the whole pot along with the plant grown in it may be packed in a box to keep breathing space and delivered in minimum days,. the faster the delivers service the more chances that the plant send online delivery will reach safely.
Once I find out this procedure then will begin another journey as I long to own so many are and beautiful plants, flowering plants that are not available here. Maybe from another country, rare orchids...with special care and requirements growing are exclusive plants...another dream theme garden....


  1. Your website is a fascinating place of curious info! Will you be mind if I make a trackback of a couple of of your articles on my portal?

  2. Durand thanks for the comment, am not much savy with the meaning of trackback ,

  3. Hey! Do you have personal pages in online social media websites?

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  5. The dispatcher stayed in excellent contact with me and even sent me a photograph of my package as it was packed/sealed and leaving for the delivery.

  6. Thank you medial courier for coming by gardening simplified.Take Care and All the Best!


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