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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Tips for Buying Great Quality Cowdung Online Cowdung Upli How to Buy Online Cowdung Cakes for Garden

Cowdung cakes, cowdung upli, the search for good quality cowdung, as we know cowdung is the best food, great fertilizers ,  for our loved ones, and however much we keep adding ready mixes from plant nurseries there are no such miraculous results as we can see by adding cowdung to our garden plants.
Always the search continued to get great quality cow dung, of course it is not possible to pick up the droppings of our majestic cows and buffaloes that go for a walk on our roads! well I actually had brought wet cowdung and dried that on my terrace, but not so well received by my husband and son, because it really takes time to dry and the smell is, well, you know , ! Then another time was large ant larvae in the bought  cowdung and the whole garden   was a mess as the large red ants took over my beautiful plant containers making the soil porous and was  heck trying time to clear them off washing and thorough bathing! and of course the red  ant bites! enquiring a lot to cow sheds and milk suppliers they just did not help me out here.
Cowdung Cakes dried online shopping sites
My Bird friends from my little space under the sun

Magical Terrace garden

Cowdung Cakes packing

Cowdung cakes sizes online

Cowdung cakes for garden plants best fertilizer
Online shopping sites did the magic!  I got a very quick delivery and that too of well dried cowdung cakes at a very reasonable price from Shop Clues.
Cowdung cakes used to be of important use as fuel and still remember villages , the houses used to be decked up at every festival with fresh cowdung.
Cowdung acts as a protector and also has great air purifier value. Cowdung cakes are also used in havans and religious rituals as they are a source of fuel, and act as space purifiers.
Cowdung cakes are available on many online shopping sites as cakes, and as I checked the web there were so many suppliers but hardly any reviews to take my first step of buying cowdung cakes online.
But the desire was so strong that went ahead and was so happy, received well packed great quality cowdung cakes.
Tips for buying cowdung cakes online-
1) Go to a reputed shopping site to make risk free payments. There are many well established online shopping sites, Amazon, Snap deal, Shop clues, flipkart,
2) Check for reviews if there are any, this helps to see the suppliers efficiency, quality of cowdung cakes and other factors. And also if there are any negative ones. But here always go with your instincts. Remember reviews can be paid written!
3) Check the price proportionate to the amount of products, cowdung cakes. Like going in for cheaper cakes may be that the number of cowdung cake is less or maybe single piece. And a more costly product may have four , five or more cowdung cakes packed.
4) Always check the thickness and size of the cowdung cakes, you don't want to receive \cheap cowdung cakes of one inch sizes! and in the end you end up paying more for buying large quantities.
5) Taking risk , is all you can do, for buying new everyday products online, for some products, but the first time is always special, I am happy! and so will my plants be as they sure get a treat!
It is a different matter that I had to take a hammer and break all the dried cowdung cakes!!!LOL, but worth it!next time will find a way for this!as we have large as well as small containers which need to be added cowdung in smaller bits.
On our terrace garden front am trying to be more creative  having fun with gardening,  and this large sized container has become a mini garden in itself. Didn't want a tall plant and with the large size of the container small plants looked lost!So  different colored blooming plants.A Riot of Colours!
My Mini Garden
Rizwana Mundewadi Wishing You Awesum Luck, Happy Gardening! from my little space under the sun!
 Night Blooming Raat Ki Raani Flowering Tips
Pink Anthuriums in blue pot Painting
Evil Eye Cure


  1. I didn't know that even cow dung cakes are available online. Great to know.we are bit lucky in this case. We get cowdung from villagers after paying nominal amount.

    Happy gardening.


  2. Oh you do, Vasudha, I searched so much with no help even from our domestic help! Welcome to Garden Care Simplified!

  3. Cowdung as food is irreplaceable for plants!

  4. Could you please tell how to use the dry cowdung to plants?

    1. Oh yes, have become expert in using cowdung since so many years for my plants!crush the cowdung to smaller chunks, if too powdery it will flow away with water or also clog the soil. small pieces gives regular nourishment with every day watering.and results are seen soon! Cowdung can also be used as layering for pots while potting a new plant. Hope this helps! All the Best from Rizwana!


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