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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Front House and Back Yard Garden Design Simple Feng Shui Guidelines and My New Surprise Plant for Free

Happiness comes my way in unexpected free plants, and again nature has done it! While I have purchased the Zanzibar Gem plant , the Fat Boy plant, The ZZ plant, a beautiful little one has sprung up in the container, surprise! its the humble good luck plant Tulsi!The Holy Basil! (Ocimum tenuiflorum) with its immense symbolism and great healing properties  and religious sanctity in Hinduism the Tulsi plant has given me so much happiness , unexpectedly! The leaves were growing in next to the Fat Boy but the flowering and the fragrance caught my attention now today. It is believed as an earthly manifestation of the Goddess Tulsi. Often the plant is grown in every Hindu home in the front, or centre of the home. The plant with green leaves is called Shri Tulsi, fortunate Tulis, also a synonym of Laxmi. The Devi Bhagvata Purana regards Tulsi as the manifestation of Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth and prosperity. The Tulsi, Holy Basil plant is regarded as a woman's deity and a symbol of ideal wifehood and motherhood(wikipedia). So much for luck, I have tried so many times to grow this plant and my bird friends feed on it leaving it almost dead, and now this one pays a surprise visit!Thank You Universe!
Zanzibar Gem Plant with Tulsi Plant

 While observing large home Garden designs ,, time for some new renovation with the beautiful year! there are no two gardens the same and yet in one home too we see different gardens in the front and in the back. Front House and back yard Gardens are two different concepts and these two garden designs vary from one another. Especially when you see the feng shui energy there is a lot of difference in the front house garden and the back yard garden. Always flowering and colourful the front garden is welcoming with loads of energy and yet keeping in mind the functionality and use.
Budget, modern, stones, dry gardens and wet gardens. High rise garden designs and low areas of natural growth all cover  your beautiful garden space and each is important for the ambiance of your home garden.
Feng Shui Unique Tips for front and back gardens-
1) Functionality is Top priority. front is Yang and needs to attract prosperity. Colorful flowering plants, borders of colored foliage plants all inviting! Back gardens are more Yin, for beauty, serenity and practical purposes.
2) Keep the front garden plants low level to make the front door visible and not hide it completely from the main road, as this leads to lost identity and losing popularity.
3) The back gardens can be functional in growing vegetable garden and also a private garden for relaxing as this is hidden from the front and a much more private space.
4) A rock, stone garden can be in the back garden space with brooks and water falls.
5) The front garden has to be a mix of ever green plants and low shrubs. Tall plants that block the main entrances are not good.
6) Choose low maintenance plants that require less trimmings for front gardens, over grown gardens stop chi from entering  the home.
7) Always remember to keep your gardens in proper feng shui energy and care. as it reflects and affects your personal and family health, life   and prosperity!
Meanwhile our new additions are growing happily covered by the periwinkle plant hidden from my bird friends,
Periwinkle Soothing Pink Colored Blooms
don't know till when as they have searched for the Ajwain ,, Oregano, and almost taken away every bit! So lesson and important lesson beginning of this beautiful year, grow only those plants that take well to your climate and your environment! ( still the obsession to buy rare precious plants continues so they are finding space from under the sun to indoors in our windows covered by net, this isn't much for the love of Gardening!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Colourful petunias instant color
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