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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Important Information Why You Need To Repot Plants bought from Nursery Bleeding Hearts Vine And Tasted the Dragon Fruit

 Bleeding hearts a very beautiful unique flowering vine that grows like wild with its rare flowers.
 A vine it loves to cling to other plants growing surrounding it. What attracted me to this vine was the unique colored flowers. the bracts are white with tiny red flowers. I thought these were bougainvilleas or maybe they are a cross breed variety of this. Amazingly beautiful contrasting colors the flowers are really Awesum! Given little guidance in growing the vine looks pretty beautiful with its unique blooms , the bleeding hearts vine.

Bleeding Hearts Vine
 This time I tried to keep the newly bought plants from nurseries in the nursery packs itself,  plastic bags with holes,  as many times the new plants do not adjust well to repotting immediately in new large sized pots. As the plants did not show any change I cut off and saw that they were all full or roots. This is very important to repot the plants bought from nurseries as they may have already outgrown their tiny homes and may need a larger space.
Ribbon Grass plant from nursers
Full of roots, newly bought nursery plant
 The plant if kept for many days in the same packing will not grow healthy and may also start to dry off as there is no space for roots. Yet it is also important,, from my experience, that they are planted in a next sized, one size larger than the previous packing,  and not a very large sized pot or container.
Bleeding Hearts Unique Flowers Vine
Inside of Dragon Fruit
With my love for feng shui and Dragons, I never know there is a Dragon Fruit! The Pitaya,  This is the first time I tasted a Dragon fruit! Its a beautiful shaped fruit looking like a pretty baby pinkish green dragon!
The insides were Awesum with tiny black seeds, and it has immense properties. Phytonutrients,  rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C  . From the fantasy land dragons the dragon fruit does make you a beautiful princess, yes , because of its amazing proprieties. Low on cholesterol it keeps you happy and healthy! Low on fats and the skin has to be peeled off to get inside the land of bliss!
Dragon Fruit
Custard Apple fruits on Tree

In our complex garden the custard apple tree is fully loaded with such healthy fruits, touch wood, as may times the fruits would be small become dark and fall off, it feels so great to see so many fruits on a single tree!the gardener has done an amazingly beautiful job of trimming the green foliage  into a shape of sheep, Ba Ba Black Sheep!
Ba Ba Black Sheep
flowers from my garden and the best season of love, Valentine's day, and roses, inspired for some great paintings of abstract roses, My Pink Chair,for buying some original hand painted symbolic healing paintings,  welcome to my website!
My Pink Chair, Acrylic on Canvas Painting Rizwana Mundewadi
Have Fun, Enjoy and All the Best from Rizwana! Don't forget to share your precious plants and flower images and love to connect and share information of unique plants, connect on my face book group of Garden Care Simplified!
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