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Monday, January 25, 2016

Want to do something special this Valentines Season! Is Your Garden Full of Love Energy Some Feng Shui Love Enhancer Tips for Gardens

Garden Full of Love (Rizwana Mundewadi)
 In my Garden as Exotic Birds there love actually...the most important feng shui part of your home garden, terrace garden,,   can be divided into sectors , just like the home Ba Gua.  Love, relationships,, harmony,, peace, bliss, marital success, marital luck, all corresponds to the relationship sector, keep this activated well to attract harmony and peace in relationships.
Some guidelines from feng shui aspects for your garden! Do something special this Valentines Season!
1) Choose plants that represent love. Reds, oranges and pinks, all these colors represent happiness and love.
2) Do bring in a pair of plant this Valentines Season. the action itself attracts love, what more the couple can together plant these love symbols and care for them. ( don't forget to choose healthy plants!LOL we don't want to see them die!) but the action itself I have seen works wonders!
3) Gift some flowering blooms to the ones you love. What a beautiful gift! flowers wither within few days but plants remain and give out blooms thus continuing the love energy .
4) memorable gifts can be as growing green plants, remember the feng shui mantra, two/ pair is good.
5) Avoid thorns and spiky plants in relationship sectors. It affects relationships adversely. Also do not gift such plants.
6) Love is in the air,  don't forget your garden, clean it, trim it and keep the sectors active with blooming energy. Dirty dried plants and clutter here will  affect your personal life.
7) Avoid three plants in a row of one type in relationship sector of your garden. the energy is two, and number three may affect your relationships , just like in your home. Just keep a check with your garden design about this.
8) Get  Creative! if you have a evergreen bush trim it in shape of heart!Put a pair of fragrant candles diyas and feel the magically healed relationships.
9) Hang balloons in shape of hearts among your greens to attract love, As I always say ,surround yourself with symbols of happiness and love!
Meanwhile at my little space under the sun, touchwood! there are always blooming fragrant plants here, I do have to keep a check as winters have set in and leaves are dropping, but there are some giving out a great show against the chilly winds of winter. Few of my new orange seeds have sprouted but most feasted upon by my bird friends. The more creative I get in saving my plants the more challenging it is for them and they find new ways!still cant stop loving them as birds are Awesum feng shui live energy, heaven luck! Other wise the garden will be still like a picture, so I have to many times buy new plants, keep shifting places, while they come as a right, mynas, pigeons, sparrows, parakeets, parrots,, green bee eaters, king fishers, and eagles soar high while I hear  the roaring of Aeroplane more in early mornings...  
Garden of Love (Rizwana Mundewadi)
 finally All that Remains is LOVE!
"Selling Happiness" Paintings on Love and Double Happiness
Have a Great Season of Love, Rizwana Mundewadi Wishing You Awesum Happiness, from my little space under the sun!
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