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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Baby Alexandrine Parakeet Care My New Parrot Flower Painting and Ficus Carica Anjeer Plant Some Hand Painting Garden pots

Inquisitive Baby Parakeet
 Universe,  nature plays a beautiful game and just when I had painted my friend baby Airavaat(Elephant) the word kept repeating in my mind and next day a baby just popped up!Next building neighbors had found an injured baby Alexandrine Parakeet! So while after my female pet for years who lived free with us (still miss you!) and the male parakeets, who is also free, I am well known as the Parrot lady here. For advice regarding care, the little one got really comfy with me and clinged with so much curiosity and love!I love birds, I have more bird friends than humans!
Most comfortable place with me 
 Baby parakeets are lovely,, and get attached to anyone they see and receive love from. The family are feeding it with dropper ceralac and food made into paste and the baby  is walking in the whole place, new wings have begun to flap showing more of green color and the red band on wings that gives them their distinct features, as Alexandrine Parakeet.
Hungry baby Parakeet

Grooming itself Baby parakeet
 Baby Alexandrine parakeets are great as pets and form strong bonding with humans. They love all our food except it is better to avoid sugars and sweets but our parakeet so loved gems and ice creams and cold drinks,, that every thing that went into  our mouth had to be shared with her, right from our plate! or she would refuse to eat! They don't require a lot of water and when guided take to the foods made at home soon. The best part of Alexandrine parakeets is that they accept foods that are home cooked and with their high level of curiosity also learn to talk fast and communicate, Best friends! Love attention, pampering, and nuts almonds are their favourites as they are originated from the mountainside areas and they can fly really very high and choose the highest perches outside as if they rule the world!One great pet for years, they have a long life span, just for the early morning and evening loud calls,, everything else about Alexandrine Parakeets is Awesum!
Listening to me Baby parakeet
 On the terrace garden front with winter and chills most plants have dropped leaves but the Snow Queen is at its majestic full beauty and bloom. The Red canna blooms against the blue sky are Awesum!
Snow Queen at its full beauty in Winter

Vibrant Red Canna Blooms
Shared click by a friend The Parrot Flowers, Excusite, Exotic , rare and so beautiful , the plant is not exported anywhere and seen only in Thailand. Got inspired and here painted them on canvas! These Parrot flowers are so Awesum, look just like beautiful pink parrots!
The Parrot Flower, Acrylic on canvas Painting by Rizwana Mundewadi

 Another magical presence, This is one of my favourite click, rare one,  the sky lends itself to imagination and beauty and an artist never ceases to capture this!!!( except for the man made lines! I so do not love these over head wires!!!!)

Amazingly Beautiful Symbols in Sky
What a beautiful surprise I got in our society garden the Fig plant has brought forthe fruits! The plant has been grown as a a baby and has taken well to the soil in ground.With amazing health benefits Anjeer,  Ficus carica,   is one beautiful plant to grow. The Anjeer plant bears plenty of bulbous fruits that are green first and turn to a beautiful purple when ripe.
A very good plant Anjeer, to attract birds to your garden!!!
Ficus Carica Anjeer Plant leaves Close Up

Fresh Fruits of Anjeer on Plant
Hand Painting Garden Vases Raz
 Once in a while its good to paint your garden pots as this gives them strength and adds beauty to your garden. Some fresh energy, some vibrant color added to my little space under the sun! Happy Gardening 2016!
Garden Vase Hand Painted Rizwana Mundewadi
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

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