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Friday, January 1, 2016

Terrace Gardens Advantages and Why You Must Live in An Apartment with Garden

Terrace Garden a blessing right from heaven, I have been truly blessed to live in this terrace garden flat , a special place with an  open sky right under the sun!
The Beautiful sky from My Little space under the sun!
While I see the sunrise and the sun sets the views are breathtakingly beautiful and it seems I have the whole world in my little space.
 There are immense benefits in living amidst beautiful nature. the Vaikunth flower show hosted by the Piramal group , Piramal Residencies brought forthe another opportunity to live a lifestyle amongst the beauty of Mother Earth surrounded by exotic gardens and yet  connected to the city!
Sharing here why I love a Terrace Garden Apartment and How living with nature will benefit you as it has to me and my family.
1) Stress, dust and Noise pollution all take a detour from where plants grow, it  leads me to  my personal Haven! Sitting among the plants and beauty of flowers will immediately make you feel lighter happier and more relaxed, try it!
2) Having a personal home garden however small it is helps us to be connected with Mother Earth, most essential today with high exposure of radiations and internet waves.
3) You learn to appreciate beauty and the beauty in others. My life has changed beautifully as I observe each new leaf grow, there is so much happiness with every bloom, and it definitely affects the way my day goes!
4) Children learn to appreciate life and its beauty and also feel connected with the element of  nature. Simply so many life lessons that cannot be explained are practically demonstrated, just like the early bird gets the worm, and the survival of the fittest, here with my many mischievous bird friends these are two most important ones coming to my mind! LOL! Butterflies, birds, insects and so many wonders of nature, beautiful creations of God, that you will yearly notice in your daily lives. I am awestruck by how the butterfly moth changes its color according to the foliage it sits on!
5) Time!!!you don't have time to go to the park or garden so it would be great to live in a space with your own garden.
6) Air! breathe fresh air, wherever there are plants and flowers the chi / feng shui energy is so strong you can feel the freshness and upliftment of your soul.
7) I have learned love and compassion, from the Alexandrine Parakeets who would come to my garden regularly, were so persistent that from a simple shy me I have become more expressive and confident, a true love story with my birds from heaven. Actually I learned the meaning of true love!
8) An expression, a personal growth and a creative outlet, a Terrace Garden Apartment or a home with a garden will give you a creative outlet. Yes you would never know your thoughts, how beautifully you choose plants, the process of buying new plants, planting them, the garden designing landscaping, the garden ornaments, the care and the happiness all is irreplaceable!
9) Finally living under the sun has made me glow, natural sunlight is one natures blessing which today's generation is starved off! Standing under the first rains is what I cannot express in words!and of course looking at the rainbow, always magical!
My Terrace Garden plants are  never the same , it keeps changing, its growing,, some are here with us since many years,, some left us, some due to my mistakes and some due to other peoples//birds , there is always a glint in my eyes as I pass a nursery and always so much happiness when I add an exotic one to my extended family!
Live with nature, live amongst nature, live surrounded by nature, this is my wish for you for this beautiful 2016! and don't say you don't have a choice, there is always a choice! Rizwana Mundewadi Wishing You a Very Happy New Year!
Meanwhile on the garden front, need to refurbish the garden design, and add some sturdy ones, the pigeons and mynas are going crazy so also the sparrows! small new growths are always feasted upon, so again hunting for new tough additions! some exotic ones,,waiting for the Thane City plant exhibition , there is always so much excitement to add!
My Pet female Alexandrine parakeet she went missing but truly my best friend among the many!

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