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Monday, December 21, 2015

Vaikunth Flower Show, Piramal Residencies at Balkum Thane Buy a Home Surrounded by World of Exotic Flowers

Vaikunth Flower Show
 Vaikunth flower show, Thane City, Biggest flwoer show, Piramal Residencies, amazingly beautiful, exotic blooming gardens and what a magical place to own a house here! Themed garden and beautiful landscapes,, the concept of the Piramal Group , connecting the elements , a way to bring back the hectic influence of internet bringing us back to Mother Earth. Great Feng Shui!
Knowing my obsession for flowers and exotic blooms, and things just seem to come in front, like the newspaper article, my hubby shared, and what a magically beautiful experience!
Themed Gardens Moghul Era
While I booked the invite online, so you get your access number,  it was an Awesum welcome and a Great Show, the first day at Vaikunth Flower Show! Amazing crowds and just a merry and cheery environment with not just flowers but a complete package of entertainment with fantasy fairy tale gardens, themed gardens, tree houses and flower gardens,e specially the Orchid Hunters Garden, gets  TEN STARS! A collection of so many exotic orchids at one place, breathtakingly beautiful,, I would live forever here!(provided the orchids are maintained and keep blooming LOL!) People streaming for snacks and hot popcorn and sugar candy, ice creams,  The Train rides were so so booked,, I just missed it, but I loved to see the happy faces of people sitting in the train enjoying the joy ride!
Exotic Orchids

Orchids at Vaikunth Flower Show

Exotic Orchids Flower Show

Nature Park Ranthambor Garden Theme

My Favourite Good Luck Pots

Magical Santa Clause at Flower Show

Vaikunth Flower Show

Huge Dahlias

Great Crowds at First Day of Vaikunth Flower Show

Awesum Lighting at Flower Show

Just Like Kashmir!

Beautiful Orchid Garden

Themed Gardens at Piramal Vaikunth

Installation and Sculptures At Piramal Vaikunth

Welcoming Nature at Piramal Vaikunth

My favourite Tea Pot Theme
Its a treat for all flower plant lovers,especially Orchid lovers, The Vaikunth Flower Show at Piramal residencies, Thane Balkum, Started from 20th December 2015 continuing till 3rd January 2016!
So if you wish to live in a fairy tale fantasy land home, surrounded by exotic blooms, you now have a choice with the Piramal Residencies,  in Thane City!
Thank You Very Much Piramal Group for arranging such and amazingly Fantastic Flower Show! A Great Gesture and a Welcoming energy for the Awesum 2016!
(Just check the address properly so you save time reaching there, still better keep asking for instructions on the way!) 
Wishing All My Readers of Garden Care Simplified a Merry Christmas and A Very Prosperous New Year! Plants and flowers, sharing knowledge so that it helps you! Happy Gardening! Thank you each one of you for reading, sharing, liking, commenting on my blogs,and supporting my art. Rizwana Mundewadi Wishing You Awesum Good Luck from my little space under the Sun!


  1. Great Collection of Flower gardens. Thanks for sharing such beautiful blog. Buy Plants Online

    1. Yes Suman this sure is an Awesum collection of blooming heaven!
      Take Care and God Bless from Rizwana!

  2. pl giv me d exact location. any landmark?

  3. pl giv me d exact location. any landmark?

    1. Hello Unknown, The Vaikunth flower show is at Balkum Thane.
      Old Mumbai-Agra India Road, Balkum Near Shivaji Nagar, Bayer, Ram Maruti Nagar Rd, Kolshet Industrial Area, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra 400607
      Phone:022 6216 6216

    2. Godhbunder road, Big Bazaar,go straight, towards Bhivandi, left side you see the bill board on road.of Vaikunth Flower Show! Hope you reach !Enjoy!

  4. The Vaikunth Piramal show is on for year 2018, dont miss it!26 to 28th January 2018!


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