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Friday, December 4, 2015

Yellow Alder Flowers Plant Kamini Bush Mussaenda White Fragrant Type of Jasmine Plant Flowering Tips and Birdie Got Honey

 Yellow flower, there was a time when I have specifically searched for the colors of all chakras. While we have reds, pinks, purples, blues, I still had to get the Solar Plexus Chakar color yellow flowering plant. One is a chanced upon lucky one that had grown under our car in the rainy season and  would have died there, so I planted it and bravo, what awesum yellow blooms! On Google search found it is Yellow Alder and not just beautiful but has a lot of medicinal properties, so this is luck, where we spend hundreds of Rupees to search for buying  exotic blooming plants some one just fell in my lap!!!not literally! The Flowers are soothing yellow and open in day time and close by afternoon. But these are loved by sparrows and pigeons and maybe rats! The plant gives out so many blooms again and again, no waiting period!
My Lucky Plant, Yellow Alder 
Mussaenda Flowering Shrub
The Mussaenda, looking almost similar in flowering like Poinsettia plant blooms except they are a beautiful yellow tiny flowers. and white leaf like sepals.  A great addition winter is becoming cheery with yellows in our garden!
Mussaenda Flowering Shrub Yellow flowers
Yellow flowers Mussaenda Flowering Shrub
Birdie Got honey
 Meanwhile after the loss of his mate , Angel, Birdie was doubt the loss of White Angel is irreplaceable but we added a new friend for Birdie and he has fallen in love again! Her name is Honey as she is light colored and has delicate features, Masha Allah!
Kamini flower Buds 
 The highlight is the  Fragrant Kamini bush that has grown from seeds. The parent plant is no more ...and this plant grew on its own and suddenly has begun giving out blooms. I think a year has passed after it began growing. Trimming is what does the trick. I had to keep trimming it regularly to control the growth.
Kevda plants, have grown profusely covering and in fact overflowing the pot, with their thick aerial roots. So many of them I had to part with, every time I trim them. Yet after seven years there are no blooms, I don't know how long will it take to see the blooms of kevda Pandanus odorifer plant. Fragrant screw pine, Ketaki.
Kevda Plant Trimmed
 Kamini Murraya paniculata Bush White Fragrant Type of Jasmine Plant Flowering Tips- While we have another Kamini bush that has only flowered once in eight years this baby one has given out plenty  of loaded blooms.
1) There are special genes or type of plant that flower and if it is infertile they just don't bloom!While buying a Kamini bush check some buds and then buy.
2) trim the lanky stems as the Kamini bush grows to keep it healthy and in shape. Keep trimming.
3) Add feedings before winter if you wish to see blooms. Or in Spring for a heavenly fragrant summer!
4) For keeping the blooms longer and fragrant choose a spot with indirect sunlight.
5) The flowers grow in bunches and close up look almost like miniature lilly flowers. Loved by birds, so protect them! as the trauma and shock of being feasted upon again and again leaves the plant barren!

Buds on Kamini Bush

Fist opening of Kamini Murraya paniculata Flowers in Evening

Kamini Fragrant flower

Murraya paniculata Kamini flowers plant
 On my art front a friend on face book posted  a beautiful  photo of magnolias and that was enough to get me started , a beautiful small painting A4 size on paper in acrylic, My Dream Flowers Magnolias"!
My Dream Flowers Magnolias Acrylic Floral Painting Rizwana Mundewadi
All the Best from Rizwana!


  1. What a beautiful yellow flower, thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks a Lot Vasudha, and Welcome to Garden Care Simplified! yes the color is soothing and feels great to look at, just that my bird friends too like this and chew on the blooms!
    God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana!


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