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Monday, December 14, 2015

Hibiscus Practical Plant Care in Winter and My Dream Flowers Paintings Who Knows I might get it! Orange plants from seeds parrot flower and SonTakka plants

Pink Hibiscus Flower Plant care
 Beautiful fruitful Year is coming to an end ...again with new hope, new dreams and loads of excitement! From the winter care for my extended family to the love of Birdie and Honey, and my paintings, wishes poured down on canvas and paper, who knows I might get it!
Winter has set it with low sunlight and only few hours of direct sunlight and plants are showing signs of leaf drop, frizzled look and some are in Awesum Majestic happiness, especially the Yellow exotic Mussaenda flowering shrub,, The White Snow leaves tree  and Roses!
Winter care is must and white fungus and aphids attacks are common. the Hibiscus especially is at  risk, as it loves full sunlight and is prone to getting white fungus, bugs  mealy bugs, whatever, they are we can see them crawl! The plant even after lots of treatments does not take too well to attacks and pest control medications many of the precious  rare Hibiscus plants have left us...
Saving Hibiscus in Winter-
1) Nip in the bud! as soon as you see white fungus trim it, so it will not spread.
2) Strongest sunlight you can give them.
3) Be careful of water, only when the plant soil looks dried water, avoid over watering.
4) Whenever using pest solutions dilute it, they are strong,, I totally avoid these,  as with the fungus they also kill your precious plant!  Some people say soapy solutions helps, but try at your own risk.
5) keep plants away from your breathing level space, they white fungus and bugs are not good for your/ your family's lung health.
6) I know it sounds strange but I have done this and it worked, remove each bug wearing protective gloves with stick!
7) Thorough bathing!Showering your Hibiscus frequently during winters with strong force of water helps prevent these attacks.

Rose Bush Loaded with Fragrant big sized blooms

Mussaenda Flowering shrub
Am amazingly inspiring month for my Garden and My Art, and exotic The Parrot Flowers from Thailand,
Exotic Parrot Flowers from Thailand
the dream flowers, vibrant red champa/frangipani, and the Champa , all dreams wish fulfillment paintings painted!
The Champa Tree Inside My Home

Meanwhile MashaAllah Birdie has taken well to his new mate, Honey and I am happy as this was a big risk, birds sometimes fight and maybe even kill each other if they do not get well along. But it was too painful to see him live alone in his large villa!

Birdie and Honey

Another new energy from my little space under the sun

New Additions to our family
 Another mistake buying flowering small plants, never again! the pigeons are at work I have tied a net still they find ways to pull off the plants! Just have to be on my toes! white fragrant new additions, Name of the plant Hedychium Coronarium, White Ginger lily, commonly called Son Takka here in India. will share when it blooms!
Net surrounding small flowering plants
Exotic Flowering Plants 

Orange Seeds Planting Orange Trees

 While loving feng shui and symbolism of wealth paintings  and the Good Luck Orange Trees, this time head on , painted many orange trees and now collecting and spreading as many seeds of orange fruits  as possible in containers, drying them and removing skin for fast growth, lets see how beautifully nature unfolds!

Two turquoise Pots of Goodluck Orange Plants
 Rizwana Mundewadi Wishing You All the Best and Happinesses  from my little space under the sun!


  1. Such an interesting read and with wonderful photos too. I enjoyed this post...great story and photos to go along! Online Nursery

    1. Thank you Very Much Suman for liking my Garden Care Simplified!
      All the Best from Rizwana!

  2. Nice tips Rizwana. I have tried the soapy solution but that is not effective in killing the bugs. I too kill them by hand when I spot them over my dear plants.

    1. Vasudha yes what to do,, finally physical removal is the only way and this works!
      All the Best from Rizwana!


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