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Friday, August 17, 2012

Terrace Garden has gone Blue ! Blue Bells Pea fastest growing climbers

 Our garden is looking french ultramarine blue everywhere as the seeds of the fastest growing climber , pea climber or the blue bells climber have been transferred everywhere , some by birds and some by me!just wanted to break the monotony of getting bored with only roses! no fragrance here but rich blue colour dominates the garden now. On observation I found that the flowers are of two different types. Since I had planted two different variety of seeds got from different plants and though the pea pods look similar on eveyr plant the type of flowers are different .
Beautiful Electric French Ultramarine Blue Colour Flowers
 This is  a blue rose flower, same petals and furls like a rose flower, but in french ultramarine blue colour. The bright electric blue looks very attractive amongst the green foliage. this pea climber is the fastest growing climber and within fifteen days we can see a thick growth, especially if planted during rainy season.
Pea Climber Growing like Wild

Blue Bell Flower
The other pea climber flower is somewhat lighter shade and has only single furl. The interior of the flower has a yellow speck of colour to break the monotony and make the flower attractive. The colour looks like light purple lilac and is beautifully covering the whole wall , the blue bell flowering climber is known for its fats growth and this is a very good feng shui plant to be grown in the north for great career prospects. Your wealth corner will also benefit by growing this climber as this does not require much care and grows happily even on your window sill.
Blue Rose like Pea Flower
The whole climber is loaded with plenty of pods and lots of seeds. I like to store the seeds for future planting.
Storing Tips for Seeds of Blue Bells Pea Climber- The preservation process is very important as the seed pods dry and the seeds are scattered everywhere. If you wish to preserve the seeds of this fastest growing climber to grow later on or share with others you must take care to see the pods. Look at the size of the pods and select heavy pods. this can be done by touching and feeling the seed pods for seeds inside without opening the pods. In case the summer season you may allow the pods to dry on the plant and once dried you can pluck the seed pods whole and preserve the seeds in dry news paper or paper bags.
I found this profuse growth in rainy season as I had planted these blue bell plant seeds before beginning of the rainy season I needed to harvest the seeds soon. There are chances of the seed pods getting mushy with the rains so I plucked the heavy laden pods when they were looking mature, still green. They have been placed in a cool dry place to dry naturally inside the house. Once dried the seed pods can be preserved in paper bags for later use. The pods are filled with black seeds which are two three or five in number depending upon the pod size.

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